boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Tucker & Pouncy the kitteh

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

Yeah, though I flop in the valley of death, I shall fear no kitteh for it's been declawed.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Momma said "Knock You Out"
  • Tucker tries to see things from the cat's point of view.
  • That catnip IS awesome!
  • They don't call us Tucker and Pouncy for nothing!
  • Float like a butterfly-sting like a bee-never underestimate the power of KITTEH!
  • Pouncy pondered the thought that one swift pull on the blanket would end Tucker's relentless camera mugging for good.
  • Sneak attack on a bare belly in 5....4....3....2....
  • I am not sure what exactly happen...I was up there and then suddenly I was falling and I was down here and she was up there.
  • Pouncy slowly realizes that Tuckers impression of a Pez dispenser is going to yield no tasty treats
  • Is Pouncey taking the bait? oohh, c'mon cat, just try pouncing on my nice trampoline-like belly....
  • Although small, Pouncy packed quite a punch.
  • Iz in yer howze, nokkin yer beest flat
  • Pouncy: "I am a flawless assasin and I wait for my moment to strike...." Tucker: "Maybe if I just hold still and play dead he will leave..."
  • Pouncy quietly and methodically plots her revenge on Tucker...
  • Tucker auditions for a job at the Pussy Cat Club
  • Okay, ready Pouncy? One syllable...sounds like "red"...
  • Scratch my belly?, scratch my belly?
  • Come on Pouncy, rub my belly!
  • Pouncy is teaching a dog new tricks.
  • I give up. You really are the king of the jungle.
  • Tucker was just 'tuckered' after Pouncy finish 'pouncing' on him.
  • Yeah, that's right. I'm king of the couch.
  • Hey ya dawgs, I've got this one under control.
  • Lunch!!!
  • Yes, Queen Kitty, I am your servant.
  • OK, take me!!
  • Plotting my next move upon the unsuspecting dog. They don't call me Pouncy for kicks.
  • Tucker may look tough, but Pouncy quickly discovered that he has a glass jaw.
  • Pouncey- Pouncy kitteh! Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!
  • Blow of the kitteh right punch.
  • Pouncy thought..." he's just plum TUCKER'D OUT.."
  • Well...we call this one BOSTON cheesecake...
  • Ugh why does the cat always steal the back of the couch
  • I like to let Pouncy think (s)he's tough.
  • Pouncy! I saaaaiiid I'm going to be red hair is flowing here, now come save me! You can be next...
  • Tucker would soon learn the reason they named the kitteh "Pouncy"...
  • Kitty the King: "I wonder when he'll get tired of playing dead".
  • You know you want us.
  • If I doode i I get a whippin'...I doode it!
  • Excuse you see a kitten sitting behind me?
  • Tucker likes the "Upside Down" view of the tv while Pouncy could deal without his view...
  • If I play dead long enough, maybe the kitteh will get bored and leave!
  • MOM! Tucker stole your blanket again!
  • My lil minion...Rub my BELLY!!!
  • Come on scratch my tummy.. Just a little..Come on .. I won't bite...
  • My lil minion...Rub my BELLY!!!
  • Pounchy the Kitteh- 1 Tucker- 0
  • Tucker's flagrant nudity did not set well with the cat.
  • It's Tuckers world, we just live in it!
  • I'm all tuckered out.
  • Hmm, should I pounce on Tucker?
  • Tucker often has the creepy feeling he is being watched, though he can never figure out why.
  • Hey Pounce... can you hand me the remote, I'm in a good spot here...
  • and there layed tucker..awaiting for pouncy the kitten to pounce
  • Bask in the ambience, bask in the ambience!
  • Pouncy's plan to eliminate all the dogs from the planet starts with right here with Tucker.
  • As life left Tucker's body, he could feel his foe's proud eyes burn into his skin...then no more.
  • Get up Pouncy and do me a favor cuz I can't move! Could you get something for my sunburned belly?
  • Pouncy: *Yawn* This was an easy victim. I must prepare for my next one... then onto world domination!
  • Tucker: Pouncy? Pouncy?! Where are you, you little bugger?! I can't move! What did you put into my water this time?!
  • Pouncy, next time it's your turn to chase that ball. I'm beat!
  • Pouncy.."Come here and I'll give you some more big boy." Tucker..."I think I need a doctor."
  • Is that what I'm gonna look like when I grow up?
  • give me a minute---I'll be okay---these stripes make me dizzy
  • No Pouncy, leave me alone. I'm too tuckered out to play anymore.
  • *sigh* he still there?
  • I'm not looking at you. I'm not looking at you. I'm not looking at you.
  • Tucker give some of the blanket. No ime trying ta be a pig in da blancet

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • See Mica - istead of having to look UP you just turn on your back and...MUCH more comfy! Safer, too!
  • Tucker just saw last week's photo. He's catatonic.



Great captions everyone!
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