boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Lucy Amena Marie

Rated: Artistic

The Winning Caption is:

I wish this time out chair was closer to the Treat Jar...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • How tired is the Boston Terrier? Only the shadow knows....
  • 'You can paint my portrait now, Mr. Rembrandt.
  • "Hmmmmm, should I take a nap or get something to eat, or both"
  • Yes this is my couch and No, I am not getting off.
  • The couch is mine. If you want to sit on it you gotta go though me.
  • Lucy Amena Marie prefers her coffee first.
  • so tell me did you get the money or not
  • Cymbalta Commercial: Take 1 "Depression Hurts... everyone"
  • C'mon Punk; make my day!!
  • "Could anyone tell me if Mr. Shadow is still there?"
  • Lucy Amena Maria and Marie Amena Lucy better known as "Me and My Shadow".
  • Lucy's impression of shadow puppets!
  • Boston chiaroscuro.
  • I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.
  • I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.
  • Don't bother me, I'm napping...
  • If you wake me up one more time...
  • 'The Dog Whisperer' just hasn't been the same now that Daddy is gone...
  • This is the part in 'Lassie' that gets me every time...
  • Nobody told me the cocktail weenies were for company...
  • really hurts my feelings when you tell people I stink up the bedroom and snore...
  • Lucy Amena Marie on a rather meloncholy morning...
  • What??? You lookin at me???
  • "I am soooooo wasted."
  • Hey bebe. Do you come here often?
  • L had nothing to do with that!
  • Is it time for my nap?
  • Lucy sighed because evidently there will be 6 more weeks of winter.
  • oh romeo, don't do it! Juliet's still alive
  • Ahhhh! I feel so comfortable in comfort brons.
  • what's up?
  • yes , i am the devil dog!!
  • Lucy wonders if the cat slipped something in her water because she's mesmerised by the pretty *diamonds* on the wall again.
  • You talkin' to me?
  • Don't look, but there's a outline of a Boston behind me. I think he's been following me for weeks.
  • Boston Lager.
  • (Que The GODFATHER music)......
  • Could you please move outta my sunbeam?
  • Do you think this is my best side?
  • Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful....I am beautiful, yes?
  • Morning? but, but... I don't want to wake up yet...
  • Lucy enjoys being in the spot light!
  • I ponder the mysteries of life . . . and I ponder why you have not given me a treat yet
  • The "sad face" gets a cookie every time!
  • Lucy Amena Marie: Do ya mind? I'm trying to get my nap in so I can take your stuff fully energized.
  • As I sit in quite reflection, I wonder "Where have all the bones gone?"
  • man, its getting hard to keep up with those irish setters at doggie daycare...
  • After a long day, Lucy was dog tired, she couldn't wait to kick her heels up and just relax for just one minute.
  • So, I hear you owe us some money? My boys can take care of that.
  • "Come up and see me sometime."
  • I won't fall asleep, I won't fall asleep, I w o n 't f a lllllll
  • ...and that's when it hit me, "I am my father's son"
  • Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have,Skywalker.
  • The light it BURNS.Oh for pete sake shut the certians...PLEASE
  • Strike a pose....
  • Is it time to go upstairs to bed now? I feel tired.
  • Why does she have to leave everyday? Was it something I said?!
  • I hate mornings!
  • Lucy,Lucy why so sad Lucy? Turn that frown upside down and give us a big Boston grin!!!!!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • *sniff* Scooby took my toy.


Great captions everyone!
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