boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Ivan

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The Winning Caption is:

Ze bubbles Zey make me suspicious

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Consumer testing of the bacon flavored bubble solution was not going well.
  • For every one of those bubbles that touches me, you will die a thousand deaths. Are you ready for that? Are you?
  • Ivan: Ah, the little balls of worst enemy!
  • Don't worry Orange Thing. It's happened to be before. Don't eat the soaps anymore and it will go away.
  • First there were fire works on the 4th of July and now...bubbles??? Ivan was rethinking his life in the USA.
  • "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
  • Don't make me burst your bubble(s)!!
  • Do I LOOK like Lawrence Welk to you?
  • Bubble Trouble
  • I don't think I'm going to like this.
  • Your bubbles don't scare me...not gonna talk!
  • I'll just wait til he has to reload, then that GUN IS MINE!
  • The bubble gun is NOT the same as the hose!! I want the HOSE!!
  • I dont trust ze bubbles!
  • Noooooooo! Not the bubble gun!
  • When I said I wanted to catch the red eye, this is not what I had in mind!
  • Get away, you bubble gun!!
  • If you move that thing any closer to me I will end you.
  • ...Ivan was disturbed to learn that the prize for "Greatest Stinkeye Ever"...was not Gatorade, but a bubblegun shower...
  • Your bubbles, they cannot be trusted.
  • When I asked for "bubbly", I meant champagne! Ivan is a doll! Love that expression on his face!
  • Go ahead. Make my day.
  • Does Ivan her a Who?
  • Ivan heard that if you stand still, a T-Rex won't see you. So he tried it with bubbles.
  • The Bubble Master would RUE the day that he ignored Ivan's "stink-eye" warning.
  • Ivan was dismayed to see that the aliens had the worst weapon of all...soap!
  • My parents went to Cape Cod and all they got me was this lousy bubble maker!
  • I am going to bite that thing if it does not stop squirting bubbles at me
  • I will eat you Mr. Bubble. I will eat you.
  • Tiny bubbles.....
  • I smell a bath.
  • My GI track and I are not impressed.
  • That is one heck of a fart device you got there!
  • unless that thing has treats coming out of it get it outta my face.....
  • I'm a gonna getchya!
  • You say your gun only shoots bubbles, but I am still going to keep my eye on you!
  • On the count of three, I strike!
  • Say hello to my little bubble friend!
  • You keep blowing those bubbles, and I'll think of new ways to kill you.
  • You do it again and I will have to do it back to you.
  • I said don't do that again.
  • Don't even think about pointing that at me...
  • Now you're just pissin' me off!
  • Ivan gives Lawrence Welk the "stank eye"!
  • Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!!!
  • I will get you bubble. Just you wait.
  • First a bath and now bubbles?
  • Keep it up and you may find out just how "terrible" Ivan can be!
  • Don't make me get my squeaky toy gun.
  • I vill not forget dees insult!
  • Put the gun down and no one gets hurt
  • "Oh no!!! Not ze bubbles!!!"
  • DON'T MOVE!!! If u stay stiw and back away slowwee ... It might not fee u and ven... we can make a wun for it!!!
  • Deer bubbles, Plz don't eats me. Thnx, Ivan
  • This is the only way we can get Ivan to take a bath!
  • I was thinking of doing a bubble dance but ma said 'no soap'...
  • You just keep those bubbles comin mister!
  • I WILL eat your bubble machine...
  • Bubbles? That all you got? Bring it on!
  • STOP MAKING BUBBLES !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Whew! They missed me. That must have been a warning shot.
  • Challenge me to a dual, do you?
  • blow one more bubble and i am going to attack you!
  • Yes, I know it's a messy habit, but it beats smoking.
  • Go ahead- Make my day.
  • When you said this would be "bubbly," I thought you were putting me in a 7up commercial!
  • Ow! OW! ow! This is the worst way to add soap to my bath!!!
  • don't look now but I think those bubbles are stalking you
  • Put machine down and no one gets hurt!

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  • Since my son and his wife have no children yet, Ivan is my grand dog. He's a good boy. He adores his mommy and daddy. He's a lucky dog!
  • lol lol lol lol lol lol lol funny kinda cute
  • hee heheeheheh - the look on Ivan's face!!!
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