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Special Guest Star:boston terrier photo of the weekPulque

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Pulque, world traveler. Nice to meet you.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Pulque was leading the pack in the BT Triathlon.
  • I smelt that bacon all the way up there!
  • 10 steps for Man...One giant leap for a Boston Terrier!
  • Pulque tries to keep up with his shadow.
  • Friends,Romans,Countryman lend me your ears!
  • Greetings from some place, I'm not sure what it's called but it's AWESOME!
  • Pulque's journey begins with a few stoney steps.
  • Does anyone else hear the theme to the movie Rocky???
  • The Olympics is over, what's next, Worlds!
  • Pulque concluded that Rocky had it all wrong...running DOWN the steps was MUCH easier and way more FUN!
  • A few more laps and I'll have those toenails worn down to the nubbins.
  • Pulque is still champion of the Slinky races.
  • Pulque has watched "Rocky" too many times.
  • Pulque takes a victory lap upon defeating the Roman Gladiator.
  • Just me...and my shaaaaaaadow.... strolling down the av-e-nue....
  • Pulque demonstrates the 12-step program for Dogs.
  • "Excuse me"..."Where is the Restroom?"
  • Agh a giant squeaky toy is trying to do what I have done to my toys run run like the wind
  • Momo I'm home!
  • Last one to the top is a rotten egg!
  • hyper? oh no way!!!!! why would youz askz thatz?
  • It's going to be a bright sun shiny day!
  • Hey how you doing????
  • Why do I suddenly feel like Sylvester Stallone? Yo, Adrian!
  • This is what is going through his mind- Win the race, Win the life time supply of beef jerky, eat it all in a day.
  • Excuse me, Is that cheese?
  • who needs a stairmaster?
  • Rocky's got nothin' on me. I can run up & down the steps too!
  • Come on i know you have the chicken just give it to me and no one gets hurt
  • and that is how you keep your muffin roll away mommy!!!
  • Move over Rocky!!! Flying High Now!
  • I smelled food so I`m coming!
  • Boy, running these stairs everyday is sure keeping me in shape!
  • Pulque, doing his "Rocky" imitation, runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Public Library, and back down!
  • I got voted 'SAFE' on 'Idol'!!!
  • Rocky Balboa has nothing on me!
  • I"m glad I don't have to go back up those steps!
  • I've seen into the light, and I have bad news... no treats!

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  • thats so funny and cute at the same time lololololollol
  • He's SO cute!
Great captions everyone!
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