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Special Guest Star:boston terrier photo of the week Vinny

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Vinny takes keeping his eyes on the ball VERY seriously

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I shall control this wif my bwain
  • Vinny opted for a new, fashionable yellow, fuzzy clown nose instead of the "outdated" red one.
  • I'm crushing your head! I'm crushing your head!
  • Experiencing the "Ball Trance" causes Vinny's focus to slowly fade.
  • Tunnel vision at it's finest...
  • Whooah - I gotta stop falling asleep in the gutter lanes between turns!
  • Keep your mind on the ball and the ball on your mind.
  • Damn that thigh-master !!
  • I got my eye on you, ol' tennis ball of mine.
  • example of the rare endangered species: yellow proboscus Boston terrier.
  • I'm stuck.
  • Must... not eat... tennis ball
  • Do you like this green clown nose the best, or should I go with the classic red rubber nose?
  • pweeeeeeze
  • Here we have the elusive Vinny Boston. This is a rare site. We have lured him in with a tennis ball. As you can see he could not resist and has been caught in our trap.
  • Almost...there...!
  • peek a boo I see you
  • Watch it buddy! If you don't let me go I'll get all three!!
  • This is unexpected...
  • What HAVE you been eating???!!!!
  • Dad said, keep your eye on the ball!
  • No, I'm not brown nosing, I mean green nosing.....
  • Vinny had no idea how he'd gotten himself in this mess, oh yah the ball
  • so close and yet so far
  • I bet you can't do this!
  • Please give me the ball.
  • If you throw it, I promise that I will bring it right back to you...soon.
  • Vinny falls for the knee trap again!
  • The Vinny Fly Trap
  • Throw, fetch, repeat.
  • release me at once please all I want is the ball.Don't make me go beast mode on you
  • Grab the tennis ball Vinny. The tennis ball....
  • Where's the other one?!
  • "My what big eyes you have", "The better see you with my dear"
  • Squeeze Play!
  • Hmm, now what?
  • got it!
  • if you blink first..i get the ball
  • Okay, you win! Stop squeezing my head and I'll let go.
  • My darling, my life, my one true love. Oh ball, how I love thee.
  • ummmm excuse me...but are you going to throw that ball?
  • Just a bit more and it's mine!
  • Who says I'm persistent?
  • mmmm ball
  • Will you play ball with me NOW, Dad? How about now? Huh? Maybe now?!??
  • I always heard there were two of these things.
  • So close, yet so far.
  • Vinny's nose job was a mistake!
  • Tennis, anyone?
  • WOE IS ME. Super glue and tennis balls equal trouble.
  • Uncle!
  • Now throw it!
  • It's a trap!
  • Vinny blows a bubble that looks just like a tennis ball.
  • Vinny has yes, yes in his eyes but no nose on his face.
  • "Okay" "If you won't throw least just touch it"
  • "Balls"
  • Gosh i am caught in the act AGAIN.... MMM warm legs...feels comfy .... BALL ... fun fun BALL can't think straight ... i want the BALL i want the LEG hug ... NO I WANT The BALL ... GIMME GIMME GIMME
  • "Wait for it..."
  • I'm GONNA get I'm GONNA get eeehhhhhhh I'm NOT GONNA get it am I?
  • MUST GET BALL!!!! REACH!!!!!
  • so, i finally sunk in the couch while trying to get my ball had to happen someday!!
  • Hi! Let's play!! Pleeeeassse?
  • Maybe...If I look really really cute, Mommy will throw the ball...
  • Incoming!
  • I think my nose is infected . . .
  • Must...get...ball...
  • Vinny knows hes being caught on tape but he tekes the chance and steals the fruit
  • Vinny wanted so despartly to be a member of Santa's reindeer team that he tried to disguise himself as the 'green-nosed' reindeer.
  • Cruel Cruel fate keeps Vinny from his true love once again...
  • i see the ball... i want the ball... imma take the ball...
  • Is this the gateway to heaven?!?
  • I've only got eyes for you.....r ball.
  • Is that the sun that revolves around me?
  • You want to play ball right?
  • Vinny's coach had always told him, "Keep your eye on the goal!"
  • Is this what they mean when they say stuck between a ball and a hard place?
  • I don't think I like the way this is going to end!
  • When I get outta here, I'm going to chew everything you own!
  • I think I can, I think I can, I think...
  • Daddy, I have a confession... I love balls.
  • Look into my eyezzzzz.... You-will-throw-the-ball... you-will-throw-the-ball...
  • vinny's clown nose made him stick out from all the others
  • Sadly, Vinny, while attempting to rescue his beloved ball, also became stuck and was unable to move.
  • Mine mine i will get you ball
  • Its been almost 2 weeks and I still can't...quite...reeeach... that ball. (hee hee hee ~LittleBeasts Crew)
  • Please!!! It feels like I have been waiting two weeks for you throw this! (hee hee hee ~LittleBeasts Crew)

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  • Vinny is so darn cute. Such sweet eyes that say, "ball?"
  • isn't he cute?! I wish I could rate it Cute AND funny!
Great captions everyone!
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