boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Lucy & boston terrier photo of the week Brady

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

The X-ray machine showed the grim news... Brady had swallowed The Internet.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • When you tell them you are wearing only a don't have to actually be doing it....
  • Lucy told Brady that she has 680 friends. But Brady isnt so sure....
  • Lucy Never Dreamed That Facebook Could Be So Interactive!!!
  • Don't be jealous because my Facebook actually has a face!!!
  • Why are we not on your wall mom? This is unacceptable!
  • Lucy confronts Brady when he fails to add her as a friend on facebook.
  • Brady is Lucy's Doppelganger on Facebook!
  • Whaddya mean I got poked?!
  • The ultimate pop up.
  • Look Brady...Bergomot and Emrys friend requested us!!!
  • Darn! A computer bug, again.
  • Despite Lucy's best efforts, Brady was still hesitant to "friend" her on Facebook.
  • Lucy&Brady " Mom Its only facebook...Geez"
  • Funny, Brady looks nothing like his profile picture.
  • Social Media killed the video star.
  • "Hey, can you check on my farm and feed my goats while you're on Facebook?"
  • Who needs Facebook when you have Facecute?
  • Im teaching him to use a computer. but he really doesnt want to learn...
  • Can we use the computer now?
  • Lucy listed Brady on ebay.
  • Facebook- So easy, a Boston Terrier can do it.
  • Princess Leia and Luke ponder the unusual transformation of R2-D2...
  • Lucy! It's an addiction, Brady....I need help!
  • Lucy and Brady plan their summer vacation to Boston.
  • Hey it is my turn on the computer!!!
  • "Oh no, I'm busted!" Lucy baby, I promise we're just friends."
  • I promise we were only chatting honey; there's no monkey business going on here!
  • Mooooooom - we're FB'ing - go away!
  • A day without Facebook is a day without sunshine.
  • Is it my turn yet?!... How 'bout now?!... Now?! *sigh*
  • Lucy & Brady decide to kill a little time posting on Facebark.
  • I bet we have more friends than you.
  • "Lucy...I'm here with the 'Intervention' team. You've been spending 23 hours a day on Facebook!"
  • Are Lucy and Brady Facebook Friends?
  • Will you be my friend?
  • What? Bergamot and Emrys are coming to visit?
  • Have you accepted my Farmville request yet?
  • Whatcha doin', whatcha doin'? Hey, look at me! Hey, let's play!
  • Why can't we have our OWN FB pages? We're tired of reading yours!
  • Come on, Lucy! Let me see what you are reading!
  • Check out my state-of-the-art webcam.
  • Brady is always interrupting Lucy when she's on facebook.
  • Brady notices that when Lucy uses Facebook for long periods of time she begins to look more like a screen shot of herself.
  • Friend Me! Friend Me!
  • Dude look shes got more friends than you
  • WOW! 200 new friends in 5 seconds!
  • We never talk anymore - should I should you a message?
  • Yes Master Brady - tab "enter" and you can buy whatever you like in the puter.
  • Hurry up and log off, I have to harvest my crops before I go to bed.
  • this will teach dad to go to bed and leave the computer on.
  • Lucy and I love Facebook. It's just hard to type with no thumbs.
  • What`s goin` on online??!! ;]
  • Quick - erase it - he won't know!!
  • My Facebook is acting up again!!!!
  • Howl-a-gram Bosties!
  • Pretty Pleeeeeeeease, can I have a Facebook account too?
  • Are you done on Facebook yet, I got work to do.
  • "My little brother is sooo annoying!"
  • i prefer
  • Facebook makes it easy to keep in touch with our puppy school class mates
  • Whats up with your download dad? Said the cuties of the week.
  • caught "creeping" on facebook
  • "Seriously, unfriended me on facebook?" "Well, all of your updates from Dogville were getting old. "
  • Wow, these pop up ads for boston terriers are so realistic !
  • puulleeeezzzeeee tell me you are NOT going on farmville again!!!!????!!!!!
  • Look who friended me...
  • Okay son, what's this I see on FB about a Chewapalooza last Friday night?!
  • now what?
  • who are you talking to on facebook?
  • wonder where the Yoda dog got a laptop with a boston on the top?
  • HAHAHA, Lucy. I have 3 more facebook friends than you have.
  • Mom said if you sit too close to the computer your vision would get blurry!!!
  • He said WHAT?!
  • Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Now?
  • You did not just "unfriend" me!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Lucy and Brady are unsure if they want to confirm Beanie and his "hand" as a friend on FB...
  • I wonder if Beanie posted where she hid the rest of the body.
  • Brady has a crush on Beanie...would you please type in again?


  • Brady is a complete doll baby!!!!
  • They are the cutest babies! Little Brady is to die for. Lucky mom.
  • i lovveee. <3
  • My Lola does the same EVERYTIME I go on the computer...she wont stop winning until I pick her up...Kinda hard typing with her licking my face off!! aahaha :)


Great captions everyone!
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