boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Marley

Rated: Wild&Crazy

The Winning Caption is:

Eating that bar of soap was really paying off!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "You stole fizzy lifting drinks!"
  • this invisible bike is really tricky to steer
  • Marley practices Kung Fu moves on the bubbles.
  • Crouching Boston, Floating Bubble
  • Invisible scooter. Marley says, "You can't have mine!" and sticks out her tongue to further illustrate her point.
  • See? I told you if I ate enough of these bubbles, I can float like they do.
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a ... bubble?
  • See, if I drink enough bubble solution, when I fart, I can get airborn...
  • Looks like Marley ate a few too many bubbles!
  • If bubbles can fly, so can Marley.
  • Marley stars in the Dance of the Bacon Bubble Boston!
  • Going to try to float like the bubble
  • Marley is afraid she ate too many bubbles! Quick someone grab my leg before I float away!
  • Just a few more bubbles and I'll float over this fence to freedom!
  • Marley's hoping to go to Las Vegas by attempting Criss Angel's levitating act
  • I hate to bust your bubble, but I can jump higher than you can!!
  • Air Jordan? No way! Air BOSTON!
  • A bubble a day keeps the flea-babies away!
  • Oh Willie Wonka why did you tempt me with the Fizzy Lifing Drink???
  • You don't want to know where this bubble came from trust me!!!!
  • Here's my try out photo for Circ du Soliel: Division du Pooch
  • "You stole fizzy lifting drinks!"
  • Marley does his best impression of the "Burp" scene in Charley and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Marley is ready for his turn on Ninja Warrior with his patented bubble avoidance mid air rotation.
  • 'Play that funky music white boy...'
  • I jumped this high - and it tastes like CHICKEN!
  • Meet Marley, the new star of Karate Kid III.
  • Marley discovered the secret to flying, eat more bubbles!!
  • I knew I shouldn't have swallowed all of those bubbles! I'm floating now!! Help!
  • David Beclham, eat your heart out.
  • float like a bubble, sting like a bee thats my motto
  • Yowza, do I ever have a case of the winds!
  • Marley's getting ready for Soccer season :-)
  • Tinkerbell was as good as her word, and off to Never Never Land the went.
  • The Next Karate Kid
  • Marley thought she would try out for so you think you can dance.
  • Marley defeats the bubble with a flying judo chop.
  • If I'm going to make it to the olympics,I gotta strive to jump higher than this bubble
  • Okay okay going to try to float like the bubble!
  • Bubble Dance!
  • Marley and Morpheous - the happier and more actioned packed canine companion story.
  • Marley practicing for her river dance audition.
  • 'Oh dear', thought Princess Marley of BubbleLand, 'Sticking my tongue out didn't keep me on the ground at all!!'
  • Professional Bubble Ball Champion Marley B. Terrier pops again!
  • Marley auditions for "River Dance"
  • Ze bubbles, ze make me want to do pirouettes...I feel pretty!!!
  • Did I just hiccup a bubble???
  • You are what you eat, so I guess Im bubbly.
  • Catnip! That was catnip?
  • Hoorah for bubbles! Now I shall dance a jig.
  • Who knew zero gravity was so tasty?!
  • Marley has been practicing non-stop since she got the audition at Julliard.
  • Look what I can do!
  • Kungfu Boston
  • Bubble hunting is not for the faint of heart...
  • Now kids don't you try this at home, Marley is an expert Bubble hunter with years of experience...
  • I'm ready for my grande jete, Mr. Balanchine!
  • The Boston Ballet presents George Balanchine's Swan Lick!
  • Marley realized she shouldn't have stolen Wonka's Fizzy Lifting drink!
  • hey mom i just love the taste of bubbles makes me jump for joy!!!!
  • M-m-m-m... bubbles taste so gooood!
  • Marley's favorite song is clearly Van Halen's "Jump."
  • Or maybe his favorite song is House of Pain's "Jump Around."

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  • awwwwwwwwwwww thats so cute and funny lol
Great captions everyone!
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