boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Lexi

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Just in case I run in my sleep!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Could someone hand me a toothpick...I've got something stuck between my teeth!"
  • Little did Lexi realize the strength of the XL size sleeping pill.
  • The shortage of tennis balls made Lexie a teeny bit of a hoarder.
  • lexi's concerned that the snoring solution may be a bit extreme.
  • and thats why you don't play catch with Nolan Ryan...
  • Lexi could never figure out why she always woke up with that cotton-mouth feeling.
  • unearthed, 3000 A.D., Boston and Ball.
  • 40- love
  • On the off chance someone even whispered the word fetch, Lexi was ready.
  • Lexi's original thought that superglue would prevent ball loss, was perhaps not quite thought out.
  • if you just play dead, the dreaded wild tennis ball won't attack.
  • No one was going to get Lexi's ball!
  • And I had this crazy dream that I was retrieving a ball and I couldn't let go...
  • Roast me...I'm done!
  • For a change of pace, the chef decided to serve fire roasted BT instead of pig at the luau
  • Lexie's my name ... thinking ahead is my game...
  • Lexie wanted to be ready for when she dreamed about Bjorn Borg...
  • Well Dr., for the last few weeks, I've been waking up with a pot belly and sore jaws...
  • Puppy belly!
  • Lexi - 1 Tennis Ball - 0
  • The Boston Terrier version of roast suckling pig
  • I am not pooped enough to LET GO of my ball!!
  • Lexi was pretending what it felt like being prepped and dressed for the next Holiday dinner
  • No one is going to steal my tennis ball!
  • I play ball 24/7.
  • I better not stay here too long, they'll put me on a spit and slather me with BBQ sauce!
  • "Faces of Fetch" Lexi was hit broadside by a killer nap.
  • Lexi doesn't suffer from nap attacks- she enjoys every moment of them.
  • Dear lord, when i wake up, pwease wet my mafter pway wif me and my baw
  • hep me hep me - i got something stuck between my teeth
  • Nostrils? What about this!
  • Lexi spent the next millenium thinking, over and over, "Don't play catch with Medusa. Don't play catch with Medusa."
  • Lexi is known for her "spur of the moment" qualities!
  • This ball is all minz, even in my sleep.
  • The epitome of a one-track mind...
  • Lexi's comfort food.
  • Lexi is a pro at multi-tasking. She can play and sleep at the same time!
  • Not
  • "It's Been A Hard Day's Night And I've Been Working Like A Dog."
  • In case they don't have tennis balls at the dreamland doggy park, Lexi thought it would be best to bring her own just in case.
  • My tennis ball!!MINE!!!!!!!!!
  • I am sooo tired, but nobody, I mean nobody gets this ball!
  • Lexi just never knew when to quit...
  • Short naps are great!
  • Must. . .not . . . give up. . the ball. . .
  • Sleeeeping...Dreaming of playing ball...
  • I especially enjoy my tennis ball while I'm dreaming.
  • Now I know how the pig feels...
  • In her dreams Lexi always catches the ball.
  • Lexi plays hard and takes her rest time seriously.
  • Lexi's humans found a very clever solution to her loud snores!
  • I said nob..nobody is...getting the ball...nobody...Zzz...zz...
  • Totally explains where her TMJ is coming from.
  • Now that's how A girl play's ball !!
  • Showing consummate time-management skills, Lexi could play dead and play fetch at the same time.
  • Never! never let go of your ball, even when you're sleeping!!
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Tastes like bacon
  • Lexi demonstrates how to use Boston Terrier mouth guard.
  • All Fetched Out!

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  • to cute to be true love ya lexi
  • now thats what i call dedication to the
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