boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Phoebe
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

I don't want to wait 30 minutes to go back in the water

Outstanding Submissions:

  • phoebe loves going to the spa and getting pampers...i mean pampered
  • Poor pitiful Phoebe pooped - paying painfully pernicious, pensive penalty.
  • Phoebe understood enough about safety protocol to know that if any situation necessitates a flotation device, you are going to need a diaper too.
  • Alas, no swimming party today.
  • When you said you were gonna give me a donut this is not what I pictured
  • "No one puts baby under a horseshoe!"
  • Phoebe's family proudly introduce their adopted 'Boston' to the world!
  • Auuggghh! I knew I shouldn't have had that last drink at Bergamot's birthday party.
  • Why do I need a diaper?! I've been potty trained for MONTHS now?!! And this new collar you got me is just WAY too big!
  • (sigh) I feel like a dork.
  • While the blue collar helped with the whiplash Phoebe felt the diaper was too much even if the Dr did say ‘complete’ bed rest.
  • I have been humiliated to the nth degree.
  • Got my swimming trunks on, my floaty ring, now I just need to find a pool.
  • Lovin me some Phoebe!! Love her pants
  • I'm goin swimmin. YAY!!!
  • ok mom, I am ready to go swimming.
  • Red blanket-$10 Diaper-$2 Blue neck pillow-$10 Suckling will all three things-priceless
  • Great - this is what I get for trying to use the toilet.
  • Rock a bye Phoebe!!
  • This is so humiliating!
  • "What Not To Wear" called to tell Phoebe that they'd be RIGHT over!
  • If a horse shoe is supposed to bring good luck,then why am I wearing a diaper and hearing Billy Joel songs?
  • If it's not Halloween why am I dressed like this?
  • Why am I wearing this thing around my neck whey it's my butt that hurts?
  • Doughnut? This doesn't smell like a doughnut or look like a doughnut and there's no sugar anywhere. Mom, I know this is no doughnut.
  • Phoebe wakes up from a rough night out with the girls vowing to never ever eat the worm again.
  • This is just so humiliating!!!
  • I thought they said sugary not surgery.
  • Mommy, I don't feel so good.
  • This is just soooooo humiliating......where did I go wrong?
  • I think this donut is too big, isn't is supposed to be on the other end?
  • I don't think this headrest is working right!
  • (Sigh), it is so difficult being a girl!
  • what the whats on my butt
  • Why can't they just do invitro like everyone else?
  • Well, at least it's not a bearskin rug
  • Just because the dog in the Budweiser commercials is black & white, too, doesn't mean I'm giong into showbiz- and I certainly won't pull the beer wagon!!
  • Big, blue donuts give me diarrhea....
  • I didn't know it was so easy, to get a toilet seat stuck on your head!
  • I know I'm the baby of the family, but this is ridiculous. Where's my Teddy?
  • "And you thought YOU had problems...."
  • maybe i can perfect my swimming skills here, then blow everyone out of the water at the pool!
  • Oh how am I ever gonna explain this...thanks Mom!
  • I always wondered why my mom called it "The Curse" I understand!
  • PMS has gotten the best of Phoebe this week.
  • Sometimes a girl just needs a spa night.
  • What happens at the spa, stays at the spa.
  • i look like an idiot......but im me!
  • These spring showers are gettin rediculous !
  • I only wet the bed once ...dont you think this is overkill..
  • Okay Im ready to watch Titanic !
  • If I have to wear Dads "donut" then he has to wear my diaper fair is fair !
  • I don't know which is more embarassing...the diaper or the whoopie cushion!
  • Nobody likes me- everybody hates me- think I'll go eat worms!
  • If only Phoebe was a floppy earred B.T. she'd be able to pull her head out of the hole!
  • look at the baby!
  • Phoebe just hopes her prom date never sees this picture....
  • See how good I do in this red water!!
  • It's important to take care of yourself "That Time of the Month"!
  • I don't get it, it said "cherry" in the catalog, but this doesn't taste like cherries...
  • Mommy....I think this is a bit over kill and explain the reason for the floaty again?
  • Great. Now all I need is a pool and a pacifier. Thanks.
  • Phoebe takes the Lava Game very seriously. She has taken every precaution for staying 'on the raft'.
  • Phoebe's rendition of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" is not quite ready for prime time.
  • Those humans of mine -- Will they ever learn not to disturb the dog's way of arranging blankies!!!! Now I have to fix it right again. Oh well, they do give me food that is a good tradeoff but still.
  • If I stay very still and stare at the ground, they wont see me, I'll be invisible.
  • Phoebe enjoys her day of pampering at the Boston Spa, with the new vibrating neck massager
  • Diaper... check. Inflatable collar... check. Yep. I feel like crap.
  • At some level, I sense a betrayal has occurred.
  • To be or not to be cute... despite the handicaps... that is the question.
  • I'm having a very stressful day
  • Wonder why some dogs bite their owners???
  • Why do I need this neck brace? Thats not where it hurts.
  • Phobe spent as much time as possible warming up for her outdoor potty training,hoping her family would forget it again today.
  • you don't have to advertise that I have incontenance.
  • In place of a discreet pair of sweats to cover my diapers, they got me this stupid hemorrhoidal pillow.
  • They went on vacation and all I got was a stupid pillow.
  • Despite all the precautions she took, Phoebe still didn't feel safe and sound.
  • Chewing foofy and hanging out. "hey I'm feeling something warm back there!"
  • Mom...are we taking another plane trip?
  • If the ship sinks, I'm ready!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • I am not feeling this outfit. I want a sweater and hat like Kaycee and Kipper. [PPP]


****Phoebe is fine everyone! Thanks for all the well wishes. She had surgery and needed to wear the soft e-collar and some protection while she healed. She is feeling great now!

~The LittleBeasts Crew

Great captions everyone!
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