boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo Howie
Rated: Wild & Crazy

The Winning Caption is:
Howie does his part to enforce the neighborhood water ban.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Don't cross the streams!!
  • Howie takes water conservation very seriously.
  • I will not drink it from a hose, I will not let it touch my toes. I do not like cold water & baths.
  • The new ShamHowie absorbs 5 times more liquid!!!
  • Howie practicing for the new waterhose event in the 2008 Summer Games.
  • Gawd, i'm glad i got here, before they shut it off!
  • I'm here for the wet t-shirt contest!
  • Snowing in the summer!
  • Howie gasped in amazement to see an icicle in August!
  • Daddy! I did it! I finally house broke you!
  • This drinking fountain is sure interactive.
  • Water goblin!
  • the line for the drinking fountain was too long....sooo
  • Attack of the water lazer
  • super howie attempts to fix the leak in city hall
  • Super Howie attempts to freeze the water with his mind.
  • Due to the "peeing in public" problem, NYC has hired on the "Howie Patrol" in Central Park.
  • Floride in the water did nothing to help my teeth!
  • This Stuff has no business on my LAWN!
  • water! water water water water! i love water!!!!!!!
  • water! water water water water! i love water!!!!!!!
  • Okay, this time, I'm gonna getcha!
  • WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! I'll catch it!
  • These high pressure water fountains drive me crazy!
  • I told you to sit still!
  • Eeeek! That's not WATER!!!!
  • I'm melting....melting!!
  • I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.
  • Oh sure, it looks fun on tv, but somebody always ends up with wet dog smell!
  • C'mon guys, I didn't want to get my hair wet! All I wanted was a quick drink.
  • Hey, come back here! I am thirsty!
  • Howie runs the Hose Drill for the upcoming football season.
  • Howie doesn't like the saying 'save water for the fish'
  • YESSSSS! The pool sprung a leak again!
  • AHHH! The pool has a leak!!!
  • as howie closes in on his prey he wonders if this hose is tougher than the last one.....
  • Oh my goodness, that great dane really had to go potty!
  • i had a bath last saturday...
  • OMG i want the water!
  • Boy! Am I thirsty!!
  • no wait, i;m thirsty to!!
  • OMG! That's the biggest worm I've ever seen!
  • HELP!HELP!I will save you!Oh no now im scared
  • Get out of here, water rocket, and don't come back!!!
  • Ahh the dog day's of summer are finally here!!!
  • BT for the Olympics!
  • BT's = just add water!
  • WAIT! I want a drink!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm gonna getcha!
  • Time to transform into wonder dog!
  • The Howie-Monster focuses his vengeance on the evil water bullet.
  • pool leak + ground = mud & fun :)
  • catch it catch it catch it catch it catch it--- it's still moving!!!!!!!
  • stop taunting me
  • I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!
  • When Bostons go bad...
  • That hose has peed on me for the LAST time!
  • yikes! it's war of the worlds!! there's an alien in there!!
  • And just when Howie thought the heat would never end!The God of water rained down on him.And Howie said to himself,life is good.
  • BT-52 on approach for mid-flight refueling
  • I must DESTROY you!!!!!!
  • AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! It's coming right for me!!!!!!
  • B.T. A.D.D.: "The empirical formula for water is H2.... OOOOHHH my GOSH! IT'S WAAAATERRRRRRR!"
  • Dying of Thirt... Dying of thirst.....GIVE ME SOME WATER!!!! Please???
  • I must attack wet thing before it attacks me!
  • Sweet Justice... That elephant is back! Stay out of my yard lardo!!!
  • W A T E R !!!! I will never eat a hot pepper again!!!!
  • Sometimes you catch the water and sometimes it just gets you ...
  • I will getz you!!
  • I'll get you yet, you evil water spout
  • Freedom
  • This is even harder than chasing my tail!
  • I wonder if they sell these water squirters in pink lemonade flavor?

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • This looks like my dog!
  • OMG! How BIG is that guy!?
  • OMG!!!
  • He is wild!
  • ...and the best part is he doesn't realize he's getting a b-a-t-h!
Great captions everyone!
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