Special Guest Stars:
Benny the Boston & Kylie
Rated: Cute

Winning Caption: Ben and Jerry's new ad for neopolitan ice cream

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Benny's "Super Secret Boston Sleeper Hold" proves move effective than previously thought...
  • When you go to sleep, do you ever dream you are flying?
  • Utterly exhausted, Benny and Kylie have finally come to the realization that there must have been a page missing from their yoga handbook.
  • As, poor Kylie is about to learn, Benny still pees in his sleep.
  • The new Boston Terrier Pillow! Life sized! Warning: Will lay on you!
  • I think we ate too many dog treats last night...
  • Boston blankets, Now available in brindle!
  • If you sleep next to me, I must put my leg on you.
  • Okay I^ll just lay here till you fall asleep,since your so afraid.
  • is that a monkey on my back?
  • Up, up and away!
  • Benny and Kylie are practicing their moves for the upcoming Superman movie.
  • Benny always liked to have a leg up on the competition.
  • Benny always has to have the leg up on Kylie.
  • Hmmm--That new perfume smell is driving me wild!
  • "I'll just lay here. You're much squishier than the couch."
  • pinned you again !!!
  • kylie move over a little!
  • Pit bulls make nice body pillows.
  • Shhhhhhhh......I won't tell anyone if you don't....
  • Kylie: "Next time I get to be the outside spoon..."
  • Benny and Kylie ...2005 Finalists in the Synchronized Sleeping Contest!
  • I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU.... I LOVE you... i love you.. i luv.... ZZZZzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzz
  • what's it called when dogs "spoon"?
  • Where those brindle boston terrier puppies really come from.
  • These pillow buddies are getting awfully lifelike!
  • Ebony and Ivory lay together in perfect harmony, side by side...SHUT UP AND MOVE YOUR LEG OFF ME!
  • OK....get your LEG OFF! I ain't your huggie pillow!
  • Bunky Buddies
  • Where Were We Last Night?
  • Oh...how I love this new dog shaped Tempur-Pedic mattress...
  • "Everyone loves a good spoon!!!"
  • Itold ya, Kylis, I'm the top dog around here, and don't you forget it!
  • Love ya Baby!
  • Ok, now, while we hold still, you just quilt all around us!
  • The famous conjoined dogs relax between appearances at the circus
  • Mmmmpf- that darn Kylie's always hoggin' the sofa. Plus, she smells like a dog.
  • What a great hunnymoon!
  • Hey, baby, was it as good for me as it was for you?
  • spoonin' beasties
  • It's like this night after night.."Hey, move over, you're taking up too much blanket!"
  • Can't you ever get off of my back!
  • Come a little bit closer and lets spoon.
  • Benny: Single black and white male, enjoys long walks on the beach and spooning.
  • could we have some privacy, PLEASE!
  • i love it when he spoons me :)
  • It's Snuggle Time!
  • That masseause better hurry, I'm starting to get a cramp.
  • oh no i got to use the potty!!!!
  • I love being the outside spoon.
  • This is MY spot, and I will have it NO MATTER WHAT!
  • It's friendship, friendship, just the perfect friendship . . .
  • This doesn't mean anything, I'm still mad at you!
  • Benny, puttin' the move on Kylie!
  • Everybody needs to spoon sometime...
  • Let sleeping dogs lie!
  • One wonders if they snore in unison, do they do something else in unison ...
  • BT's Spoon (soon to be a new Little beasts Swag logo?).
  • Noticing that his chances of becoming a top horse-riding champion were slim, his goal continued in his dreams with a more realistic twist...hoping that one day his dreams would come true.
  • I was a jockey in my past life!
  • I can't believe we ate the whole thing.
  • why do i always get the crack of the couch?
  • Hey who said you could lay here
  • If you look to your left, you will see the Canis familiaris in their distinct "hey buddie lets cuddle so our owners will take pictures of us and post them online" pose.


  • TOOOOOOOOO Cute !!!!! thanks for all the smiles these "puppies" always give us.
  • Bostons Rule!

Great captions everyone!
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