Special Guest Star: Pippin
Rated: Cute

Winning Captions:
Next year get a tree!!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • There was Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and.....Pippin?
  • Who needs a tree with a star? I am the star!!
  • This bostons lights powered by natural GAS!
  • It's tough being a Christmas decoration.
  • All bostons are angelic....it's just that most of the time you can't see their halos!
  • Who,me? No, I didn't play in the tree.
  • After a long day of eating presents under the tree, Pippin likes to curl up in a string of X-Mas lights.
  • Man, one light goes out they all go out decorating is such hard work
  • "Silent Night... Holy Night.... Pippin is Calm..... Pippin is Bright..."
  • ahh...finally im warm and toasty!
  • I had a little too much egg nog!!!
  • twinkle, twinkle little star.
    How I wonder how to get you in my belly.
  • Rudolph, Schmoodolph! Wait'll Santa sees ME! I'll just wait here until......zzzzzzz
  • Christmas decorating is SO exhausting!
  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
    How I wond..er....Zzz...Zzz.........
  • A nother Boston falls prey to the ever luring christmas tree and her tentacles of string lights!
  • all wrapped up in christmas!
  • This photograph is proof that no Boston Terrier, under any circumstance, will waste nap time by finishing any given task that interferes with the 2 hour and 7 minute nap period each day.
  • why do I feel like a christmas tree???
  • a new invention for Christmas! A pre lighted Boston!!
  • New Year's Resolution #1: Go easy on the Christmas eggnog...
  • If I stay real still, nobody will notice me and maybe I can see Santa when he comes down the chimney....gotta stay awake......zzzzzzzz
  • That little Pippin! He trots in the door and just lights up the whole room!
  • Pippin should be in the movies or at least the Real World for Dogs
  • All lit up for Christmas! ! !
  • Twinkle*Twinkle little Boston...
  • ...while visions of Milk-bones danced in her head!
  • Dreams of rawhides and pig ears danced in Pippens head...
  • Eggnogg - Never Again!
  • Waiting for Santa Claus.
  • Out like a light
  • HINT, HINT, HINT! Santa, I need a light bright for Christmas! I've been real, real good boy, honest I have!
  • "I was putting up the christmas tree light and all the sudden..." pipin trails off during the interview.
  • umm could someone PLEASE help me out of these
  • I'm the light of your life!
  • (snores) "Hey.. this isn't my bed!! Oh,that's why it was so bright!
  • I light up any room!
  • star bright.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • light star bright first star I see tonight
  • Ohhhhh boston tree ohhhh boston treeeee how snuggley you are in the eve.
  • Man, I shouldn't of drank all that egg nog
  • I always knew that i was bright!
  • Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight ... I wish for world peace. And a neverending supply of cookies.
  • what the heck was in that eggnog!!!
  • ...and to all a good night.
  • Ah! Finished at last!
  • When dad told me I had to put the lights on the tree this year, I didn't know it would be this hard!
  • I know they said we needed a "nite lite" but this is rediclious!...
  • Pippin's dyslexia caused him to mistake the expression to be: See your Mane in lights!
  • ....while visions of bones danced in his head....
  • So tired....waiting for Santa....so tired....so...
  • Please wake me up in time for Santa!
  • Havin' a little trouble?
  • "I'm dreaming of a white christmas..." sings pippen "Pippen dear if u dont get out of those lights you will burn the house down and and it will be to hot to have a white christmas!" yells mom
  • now I am the light of their eyes for sure.
  • No, I said that I wanted to see my NAME in lights....
  • A star is born!
  • I've got to keep my eyes open (yawn), Santa will be here any minute....zzzzz
  • I'm Electric, and if you touch me you'll get SHOCKED!
  • "can you see me now"?
  • Freaking christmas lights... Honey I told you we should just buy new ones.
  • The best present anyone could ask for.
  • If I lay really still I can surprise that fat red guy who sneaks in here every year.
  • Untangling these lights is tougher than it looks!
  • Thank God for these new gas powered lights...
  • Ahhhhhh, the warmth of the Holidays....
  • Strung out!
  • Tangled Christmas Tree Lights: 1
    Pippin: 0
  • Pippin looks too pooped to party but he gave it his best. What a trooper!!!
  • A tired puppy is a GOOD puppy!
  • Ground control to Major TOM...
  • Christmas Lights... too exhausting to let Mum do it alone... good thing she's got me!
  • Man, did I get lit!

Great captions everyone!
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