Special Guest Star: Mauser
Rated: Cute

Winning Captions:
"That's it?!?!? It's just a little bunny-rabbit...aaaahhhgggg...run away, run away."

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Kill da Wabbit, Kill da Wabbit, Kill da Wabbit..."
  • You don't have to be quiet anymore...I found the WABBIT!!!!
  • RABBIT, the other white meat.
  • Diagnosis-Seperation Anxiety
    Therapy-Little Peter Cottontail
  • I know this Easter Bunny thing works like Santa - you're not the big guy in charge, but you know how to get him - I want more bones this year, got it?!
  • Silly Rabit, Trix Is For ME!
  • Drop that biscuit or the bunny gets it.
  • they just dont taste as good as they look !!
  • Mauser was intent on eliminating his runner-up int the longest ear compettion.
  • Ok Santa... You asked me to take out the Easter Bunny, so you can be #1 !
    I did as you asked now can I have all the other Boston's toys ?"
  • Give me treats or I'll sacrifice Mr.Bunny!
  • Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!
  • mmmm yummy!!! mommy do you want some?
  • "Bunny-time", leave me alone!!
  • Big pointy ears, short coat, small muzzle, little nub tail...I think I'm in love.
  • bunny oh wait i am the bunny hes talkin about
  • Leave the chocolate eggs under the food bowl, and nobody gets hurt!
  • "Oh no you didn't, Mr. Rabbit!"
  • They say rabbit's feet are lucky...
  • In an academy award winning caliber performance, Mauser and friend re-enact the killer bunny rabbit scene from Monte Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Some bunny to love me!
  • What's up Doc? I'll tell ya what's up from now on!!!
  • Mauser tries out the new Blue Bunny flavor for dogs - hopping brown and white bunny.
  • No Long eared, fuzzy tailed creature is going ot get past me!
  • It's my lucky rabbit's foot!
  • Mauser was sure he was going to convince them he was a good hunting dog.
  • Look Mommy, my toys looks just like me!
  • I tried to warn him - NOBUNNY'S ears can be as big and cute as mine!!!
  • is this toy boston proof?..oh how i wish this was a real bunny!!!
  • Shhhhhhhhh! I'm hunting wabbit.
  • MMMMM!!! Tasts like chicken!
  • be vewwy vewwy quiet, im huntin wabbits
  • Mauser gives the bunny an earfull.
  • see, i told you i could catch that rabbit
  • Attack of the killer rabbit, my foot!
  • "Honestly Mom, I was not eating the Easter Bunny... I was just walking along minding my own bussiness and he hopped on me and his paw flew in my mouth!"
  • Get Down You Stupid Rabit.... It's Christmas Time Not Easter!
  • I really wanted to be named Bunnyser.
  • Wait, what was I supposed to do to dis wabbit again???
  • ALWAYS wash your hands before dinner!
  • Wrong holiday, Mauser, it's Christmas, not Easter.
  • "are you my mommy?"
  • would you like a piece?
  • "I caught Peter Cottontail, hopping down my Boston trail."
  • When asked how he felt when he lost the title of "Big Ears" to the rabbit, the doggie responded by eating the rabbit.
  • "What do you mean it's not real...?"
  • One step closer and the rabbit gets it!
  • My baby!
  • The Bostons version of a chocolate Easter bunny.

Great captions everyone!
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