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Send us your favorite Boston Terrier photo or photos!

at photo of the week to send in your entries.

Please attach only JPEG image files -- please do not send ZIP, or BMP format. Please send at least a 640x480 pixel image. The bigger the better. We will resize, crop and compress larger images as necessary to fit on the page.

All photos must feature a Boston Terrier and will be chosen based upon 'captionability'. We are looking for extraordinary photographs of your already amazing Boston Terrier. The photos need to be sharp & clear so that they reproduce well.

Be sure to include:
Your Boston's name, if they are a boy or a girl & a little bit about them - we love to meet you & your Bostons. Your name and email address.

The Prizes & Perks!
Each Special Guest Star will receive an official LittleBeasts.com sticker and an award graphic to display on your website. Your photo will appear in the annual LittleBeasts POTW Calendar and will be posted on the Littlebeasts Facebook Fan Page.

The prize stickers!
Choose from the Official LittleBeasts BT Eurosticker, the Boston Terrier Rawr Sticker or the Boston Terriers Kiss on the Lips! Sticker.

Official LittleBeasts BT Euro

Boston Terrier Rawr

Boston Terriers Kiss on the Lips!

sample banner - we have many more colors available

Rules & Regulations
The photos will be featured at random so it doesn't matter when a photo was submitted - you could be selected at any time. Your photo may appear on any week of any month. Unfortunately there are only 52 weeks and so many amazing Boston photos - we wish we could display them all!

Special Guest Stars are notified via email, at which time we will request the necessary information for prize distribution. Photos and caption results are posted every Monday. Prizes will be delivered to the winners within 30 days of close of the contest.

By entering, you agree to allow LittleBeasts.com to display your photo on the LittleBeasts.com web site. We reserve the right to digitally enhance any photos as necessary to improve the image clarity, impact or aesthetics. By entering, you agree to allow LittleBeasts.com use of your photo for the purpose of displaying the results of this contest and to include it in the annual LittleBeasts.com Photo of the Week Calendar to help raise funds for Boston Terrier rescue.

Thank you for sharing your favorite photos with us! We have a lot of fun with the POTWeek and we hope you enjoy it too.

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