Boston Terrier Halloween Costume Contest
The categories are Most Unique, Scariest, & Best Model
Most Unique
1. Nelly & Plumm - Hansel & Greterrior
( I loved those two [Nelly & Plumm and Mickey & Seamus] and had a difficult time choosing which one should be number one, I finally decided on Hansel and Greterrior, maybe because the name is clever and the dogs are just perfect for the roles)

Nelly & Plumm
Hansel & Greterrior
2. Mickey & Seamus - The Flying Monkeys
Mickey & Seamus
The Flying Monkeys

3. Winston - The American Gentleman
(puttin' on the Ritz)

The American Gentleman
1.Coach - A Love of Monsters...Gargoyles
(the Gothic theme is just perfect and Coach is a great model, the wings look like they are a part of him)

A Love of Monsters...Gargoyles
2. Edwinn - The Prisoner
(love the 'bad boy' snarl)
The Prisoner
3. Ozzie - The Count
(the worldly look in his eyes is a perfect fit for the costume)
The Count
Best Model

1. Rosco as King Pup
(the royal expression is perfect for the role)

King Pup
2. Minnie as Little Punkin-head
(looks like she's loving the whimsical costume)
Little Punkin-head
3. Jasmine as Tiki Terrier
(she's ready to relax and party on the beach)
Tiki Terrier
I also have two special mentions:
The Coolest is Enano as Mambo Babe
Mambo Babe
Least Scariest is Beastly as Little Devil (how could you be scared of the friendly face)
Little Devil