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boston terrier photo Ollie

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I just wanna nap, but he won't stop talking.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I feel your mockery of my dislike of the rain.
  • Squeaker's out; ready for a Nap!
  • Don't look now but there's a platter of cheese behind you.
  • man, Cyclops here wears me out. Wish he would shut his mouth once in a while too.
  • "All right, wise guy, enough with the jokes! I'm trying to get my nap!"
  • ♡♡♡Ollie is such a sweet boy!
  • He's watching me isn't he?
  • Do I have to say more.
  • Once the squeaker is out there is really nothing else to do.
  • Ollie braves the rain with a little help from his friend.
  • I love you.....I dont care what the other people say, it will work.
  • Faithful companions take the gray out of rainy days
  • Hangover Boston style
  • Your one-eye will never beat out my stink-eye!
  • Ever get the feeling you were being watched?
  • My parents said it would never last but we've been married for four years. What can I say, she has a terrific sense of humor.
  • What can I say, she completes me.
  • 'Those we're the days . . .
  • Stop staring at me, cyclops!

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  • no ppp this week.

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