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boston terrier photo Libby

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Be optimistic! I am still half IN the yard!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • They said if my whiskers can fit through I....wait, that's for cats.
  • When shared custody goes wrong !
  • Was this new fence supposed to keep me in or out?
  • Libby's good side said "stay" but her bad side said "go for it"!
  • Libby just prayed that her person wouldn'd send the picture for Photo of the Week. She just knew she wouldn't hear the end of it at the next meet up if she did.
  • Oh please!!!! Like you've never gotten stuck in a fence before!!!
  • I knew I shouldn't have eaten table scraps!
  • The only thing worse than a stuck duck is a stuck Boston.
  • Don't just stand there, get me outta here!!
  • Stop asking silly questions on how this happened and help me.
  • define "stuck"....
  • when is that weight watcher's meeting?
  • Stop laughing... put the camera away, and get me out of here.
  • Wait until it's your fat butt on the line. See who's laughing then.
  • Help? I'm not quite sure what happened here. The fence seems to be smaller than I remember.
  • Dont you dare say anything about my butt! It was worth a try.
  • who put that there?
  • Guess I'd better start that diet now.
  • No more carbs for me!
  • Now what? You told me my butt didn't look big!!!!
  • Da hard part isn't figuring whether or notz da grass iz greener on the other side of da fence, it's actually getting on da other side of da fence.
  • What!!! It happens!
  • Mom always told me to use the gate.
  • Does this fence make me look fat?
  • Well,this didn't go as planned
  • Libby's thinking... I shouldn't have had that last slice of pizza
  • SQUIRRRRREL,oops !
  • Do these lines make my hips look bigger ?
  • Following her parent's unfortunate divorce, Libby had several, serious questions about the shared custody agreement.
  • And you went to get the camera.
  • Maybe I should not have eaten that last doggie treat after all.
  • Heh heh....guess I should lay off the cookies!
  • Maaaaa! Help! I is stuck!
  • Unfortunately, Libby found out the hard way that she had gained a few over the holidays.
  • ummmmm.... a little help please
  • Don't just stand there and laugh! Get me out of here!
  • Oh hi. You are home early.
  • umm, how did i get where?
  • hey, a little help here?
  • not again!
  • Hurry, get me outta here before the cat sees me...
  • I can almost reach that ball... give a lady a hand
  • I saw you pick up the car keys, and I said wait for me
  • Jeez, the grass isn't greener!
  • No, this is not funny.
  • I was able to do this last week...what happened?
  • What? I meant to do that.
  • how does that darn cat do this?

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