boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo Olive & friend!

Rated: Artistic

The Winning Caption is:

...and THIS little piggy...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • *sniff sniff* "ah, spells like baby spirit"
  • These feet don't smell like fritos!?!
  • Olive lovingly waits to hear the pitter patter of those tiny little feet!
  • Yup, smells like Fritos!
  • These feet smell like love.
  • Mine smell like fritos - why don't yours smell like fritos?
  • Trick or Treat already??
  • ummmmmm sweet baby smells
  • how come yours don't smell like corn chips?
  • This is my Baby, and I love the little footsies.
  • deez feeties dont smell like fritos..hhmmmmmm
  • What`s all the fuss about ?
  • Can`t do tricks, won`t play ball, not housebroken and makes scary noises in the middle of the night.
  • Love that new baby smell
  • Don't ya just love that new baby smell ?
  • Why don't these smell like 'Fritos'?;
  • me sniffs baby footsies, make good dreams
  • "Ahhhhh, Downy fresh."
  • Mom said I could help put the Baby to sleep. Aaah. I'm in love.
  • love that new baby smell
  • I pledge to protect you wherever these little feet take you for as long as we both shall live.
  • ...And the Love begins.
  • I love that new baby smell.
  • Oh Baby, I love your stink!

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