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The Winning Caption is...

Best game of Duck, Duck, Goose ever!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Mischief is always more fun with friends.
  • Who should I pick as "Goose"?
  • Olly olly oxen freeeeeeee!
  • Hey! Can we get a little lemonade over here!
  • 98, 99, 100...ready or not, here I come!
  • Hey! Mom's got cookies!
  • If anyone asks, I am not the one that showed them how to get into the neighbors yard to take care of business.
  • I found the Catnip!
  • W'sup?
  • TOOOOO Cute
  • too many puppy-uppers!!!
  • Whooa! Check out the babe in the photo bomb!
  • what you looking at
  • There's a whole lot of silly going on.
  • " I'm a wild and crazeeee guy!!!"
  • Don't laugh....I can see both sides of the yard at the same time!
  • I didn't know it was THAT kinda party!

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