boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo Kaycee & boston terrier photo Kipper

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is...

It's called a selfie. Even the president does them.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Look! T-Rex arms!
  • maybe if we lay here, look cute & cry like that new baby... momma pick us up & rock us too...
  • What?! Bath time? We can't move! We are paralized
  • See... if you look this way, you can see all the way to the kitchen...
  • Hehehe....if you think we look funny, you should see what you look like!
  • Do we look cute enough for tummy raspberries?
  • It really does look like they are hanging off the ceiling like bats!
  • Beat this Kim and Kanye !
  • Boston see, Boston do
  • Belly Rubs! Weez ready!
  • You're right Kaycee, they do look funnier upside down.
  • Kaycee & Kipper practice up for their acting class.
  • And this is how we get the tummy rubs...
  • We're tired. Just pour in the treats
  • Frog Leggs
  • Two grinning doggies are always better than one.
  • Never a dental hygenist around when you need one/
  • Stero tummy rubs anyone ?
  • Do we get cheese for smiling?
  • Mamma...carry us
  • Rub 'em bellies!
  • Heehee...we're bein' thilly.
  • And this is how we little fishes do the back stroke!
  • oh man, the the sky look purple to you too?
  • I'm telling you. This is the best way ever to get your tummy scatched.
  • Act real cute like this and they won't notice the chewed shoe.
  • No, they won't mind that you just rolled in old fish bones.
  • This is called "downward facing dog".
  • We'll be smiling even bigger after our belly rubs!
  • "PICK ME!! PICK ME!!"
  • Rub a belly!
  • "A whole new world."
  • Pay attention Kaycee, this is how you lure them in.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • You gotta admit. It beats sleeping in the cat perch with Simon.

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boston terrier photo


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