boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars:
boston terrier photo Simon & I.N.K. the Kitty

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The Winning Caption is...

I have got to do something about my sleep walking.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • This isn't as much fun as I thought it would be
  • Simon continues his dream of being a lifeguard.
  • How? Ninja's don't tell their secrets!
  • The fabled "CAT BIRD SEAT"
  • Simon has mastered the motto of "high and dry."
  • Mom! Simon is acting like a cat again...
  • What The !!!
  • what goes up doesn't always come down...
  • If you can't beat them...join them!
  • marking his territory....
  • Now that I'm up here, how the hell am I supposed to get back down?
  • I wonder if I'll have to stay here until Mom gets home.
  • Damn cat made it look easy
  • Ready to launch in three, two ........
  • ok, cat takes my bed, I take his bed. How do you like me now?
  • MOM!! Simon is sleeping in MY bed again!
  • Sorry KITTY. I will be done up here shortly!!!!!!!
  • Simon says act like a cat. Looks like you're out I.N.K. !!
  • Last one to the top is a rotten egg!
  • Who says a Boston can't jump as high as a cat?
  • I'm not moving, I.N.K. can sleep in the red thing down there.
  • That cat is like get this dog down from my tower
  • Cat tower fail in 3...2...1
  • I'm up here for two reasons. One, I'm afraid of mice; I.N.K. saved me. Two, you're closer to my face for kisses.
  • If I got up here, I'm stayin'.
  • She said jump and I said how high?
  • I.N.K. - WTH, how did he get up there!
  • he, he, he... now whose king of the castle!
  • Mooommmmmmm! Tell Simon to get off my tree! He's gonna break it!
  • So . . . It's cute when he does it : /
  • Simon is trying his downward dog on INK
  • EEEK! Mouse!
  • Opps, I've done it again.

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  • no ppp this week.

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