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boston terrier photo Brady
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Don't mock me!

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  • Brady's thinking - NO WAY am I going to kiss that thing. My prince can stay a frog!!!
  • Brady meets the evil Foaminator.
  • Cook it and you can take it home!
  • No! I will Not kiss it!
  • Does it taste like chicken?
  • Bring THAT home and I think -I- will croak!
  • Hmmm you SURE it tastes like chicken?
  • Kiss HIM??!! I'll take a pass on "Prince Charming."
  • What have you done to my sister Lucy?
  • you don't LOOK like a princess!
  • I dont care what you say...Im not kissing you and your no princess
  • No Thanks, I'm a vegetarian....
  • Mommy?
  • And I thought my eyes bugged out....
  • What kind of treat is that?
  • Brady....I am your Father !!! (said in a Darth Vader voice)
  • I ain't kissin' that! No way, no how!
  • OK, Ok, I never actually claimed to have eaten frog's legs.
  • Should I kiss her?
  • How did you know? Frog legs are my favorite snack.
  • No way I'm kissing that!!!
  • I don't care if you are a Prince.... There's no way I'm giving you a lick.
  • Distant Cousin? Must be the eyes...
  • No thanks, frogs give me gas.
  • Lightly seared with garlic butter please !
  • Whoa.... I know thats not whats for dinner mom. You said steak!
  • Staring contest!!
  • Hello little green puppy.
  • "I'm not changing you into a prince"
  • "ok,ok, I am not sharing my bed with THAT THING"
  • who you looking at?
  • Castle or no castle, I will not kiss that frog.
  • get it away from me
  • I'm not eating him, cuz I would croak!
  • I don't care if it is a princess! I'm not kissin' it!

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