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boston terrier photo Gilly
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I'll take the pepperoni one piece at a time... and I don't do tricks.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Very funny humans, now put the chair back.
  • Hey...those aren't meatballs! Get the waiter back over here!
  • The power of pie compels you...
  • "What's going on here - tonight is lobster night"
  • Gilly wisely decides against getting sauce spilled on his new sweater.
  • Crusts? I don't want no stinkin crusts!
  • I'll give you three seconds, and if the pizza isn't on the ground you will feel the wrath of Gilligan!
  • If I get a hold of that corner, the whole thing is mine!!!!!!
  • this is MY staycation too and I WANT PIZZA!!!
  • OK, so where is the sausage? And who is the litterbug?
  • Where there's a will, there's a way!
  • Give the dog your food....give the dog your.....
  • Pizza man? Oh, He's gone now!
  • Gilly enjoys a little slice of life.
  • Go ahead, punk! Make my day!
  • This is not the pizza you are looking for....
  • Gilly wanted that pizza until someone told her it would make her eyebrows turn white...
  • walk away from the pizza and no one gets hurt!!!
  • wheres the sausage?
  • Gimme the roni if ya know what's good for ya!
  • Don't even think about touching that pizza, it's MINE!!!
  • Really people, I ordered meatballs!
  • Ok you hand it over and no one gets hurt!
  • I know you have meat up there, nice try with the crust!
  • So close and yet...
  • I smell anchovies!I told you I hate anchovies.
  • I walked my tail off today to keep my Gilly figure and what do they do? Bring home pizza!!!
  • It's "The Mayor" himself about to tackle his lunch on his break from work !!!
  • "One piece - I want the entire pie"
  • Pizza bones schmizza bones. Gilly want pepperoni!
  • Errrrr! I said MORE Pepperoni!
  • Hand over the pizza and nobody gets hurt!!
  • What? pepperonni? I ordered the meat lovers!
  • ..c'mon...gimme that slice....GIMME...THAT..SLICE!
  • Is this a dream?
  • Is this what they call a pepperoni dream?
  • You eat da crust. Gimme da pizza!!!

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