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boston terrier photo Lola
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The Winning Caption is:

Barbie kidnapped me.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • It looked bigger in the brochure.
  • Lola's presence seems to just fill a room.
  • This bed and breakfast has the worst service ever ... and the food portions are tiny!
  • you will notice that she is in the kitchen.
  • My name is Lola, I live on the first floor
  • Lola's favorite part about playing Alice in Wonderland is all of the "Eat Me" and "Drink Me" perks.
  • First one up in the morning, always has to make the coffee.
  • No one puts Baby in the corner; but, guess they put Lola there!!!
  • Lola contemplates the builders design flaw, who wants to step outside to use the bathroom ? Good god man where's the stair in this place!
  • Does this house make me look fat?
  • Ummmm... If this is the dog house I'd like to lodge a complaint?
  • Yes, this is my dream house. Can I help that the contractor has a sense of humor?
  • It's not easy playing Barbie.....
  • Love the pink but why didn't anyone measure my EARS??
  • But, but ... the note on the cake said "Eat Me"
  • They said it was dinner time.
  • Got Headroom ?
  • I need an apron, and then I'm ready for the Master Chef show.
  • I'm in the kitchen, where're the BITES?
  • Lola hopes that the tart she just ate doesn't make you grow taller!
  • If the dog upstairs gets the Bedroom, I'm taking the Kitchen!
  • I asked for a pup tent!
  • I meant to get in the doghouse, but I took a detour - - -
  • When they told Lola she would have to stay in the kitchen, she didn't expect this!
  • Could someone please make this house a little bigger!!!!!
  • Lola isn't sold on her "dream house".
  • no bat in the belfry but a Boston in the basement!
  • Lola's contractor had a wicked sense of humor.
  • I feel like Alice in Wonderland.
  • I don't have to play with Barbie, do I?
  • Where do you keep the treats?
  • Lola ate the first cake, which caused her to grow like Alice.
  • Get out of town Barbie, Lola's the new "it" girl now!
  • am i in a commercial?
  • You said in the doghouse?Oops--I think I went in the DOLLhouse.
  • Does this house make me look big?
  • I'm out of here if you bring out the barbie dolls!
  • A room of my own!
  • This is not what Lola had in mind when she wished for a new dog house.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Ivan gets to party, Paddy gets to nap, and I'm stuck here in the damn kitchen.

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