boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars:
boston terrier photo Bella, boston terrier photo Benny & Santa!

Rated: Wild & Crazy!

The Winning Caption is:

There's got to some cookie crumbs in here somewhere.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Bella and Benny secure their place on the NICE list!
  • We didn't pout... or even cry. We watched out real good Santa!
  • Bella and Benny's smell detectors were set off by Santa's early cookie raid!
  • We'll distract Santa with kisses so we don't have to answer the naughty or nice question ;-)
  • The ol double Boston kiss works every time, treat for everyone!
  • and a very Merry Christmas to you too, Santa!
  • Milk & Cookies on the whiskers - YUMMMMM
  • Look, I can get my tongue up his nose!
  • Pleeeaaase Santa?
  • Are Santa's eyes closed?
  • .... and, and I wantz lots of bones too, Santa Paws!!!!
  • Licks are free...
  • Kleenex? Santa don't need no stinkin' Kleenex!
  • Bella and Benny asking Santa for Forget-me-snots!
  • You're right. He does taste like chicken
  • he's the one who ate the couch, Santa!
  • ...and cookies (lick, lick), and skeeky ball (slobber)
  • Santa DOES tastes like Snozberries!!

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Great captions everyone!
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