boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Emrys

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

  • Hmmmmmmm....I wonder if this is a solid Beast or a hollow Beast???!!!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Having not learned her lesson after The Corn Cob Incident... Emrys tries to eat the Boston Terrier Statue.
  • Just like with her chocolate Easter bunny, Emrys likes to start with the ears.
  • Emrys has been watching a little too much Dexter lately...
  • if you cant play with it, pee on it or chase it, EAT it!
  • why wont she play with me? no one can stand an ear tickle for long
  • Mmm, tastes like chicken.
  • I told you I didn't want a little brother!
  • When you turn the handle, treats come out where?
  • I'm cuter 'n you'll get more action outa me!
  • Ceramics are edible right....?
  • He just won't listen!
  • Tastes like chicken!
  • Emrys misunderstands "bending someone's ear"
  • Now that I've got your ear...let's talk about why you've been so silent lately.
  • I shall call him mini me
  • I shall call him Vincent Van Gogh!
  • Bitey-face turns into bitey-ear, then someone gets hurt!
  • I'm going to keep biting till you cry UNCLE !
  • Thinking it may be chocolate, like the Easter bunnies... Emrys goes for it.
  • I will DESTROY you impostor!
  • It doesn't taste like a Chocolate Easter Bunny.
  • She doesn't look like a Mems!
  • You say it is not Easter and this is not a chocolate boston, opps, my bad!
  • Ever have one of those days were someone is always chewing your ear off?
  • see the family resemblance!
  • That's not a chew toy!
  • Bostons have great taste.
  • Emrys, famed doggie sculpture, creating her masterpiece.
  • This would be so much easier with thumbs...
  • (Speaking with her mouthful) Ait.. Oo ant it a itle ore to my eft 'er yor eft?
  • Say hello to my little friend!!
  • I can ear you!

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boston terrier photo

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