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Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Charlie

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

  • You think your Chalk Dragon is pretty amazing, don't you? Well... I just rolled on it.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I don't always color, but when I do I stay in the lines.
  • I don't know what that thing is but I hate it.
  • Can't...let that thing lick me again...
  • You can't take a nap around these kids!
  • My forcefield protects me from fire-breathing chalk monsters.
  • You won this round Chalk Monster. But I'm going to go drink a full bowl of water and then we'll see who gets the last laugh!
  • Chalk Dragon: 1 Charlie: 0
  • It licked me.
  • It's all fun and games until the Boston gets Chalked!
  • What were you try holding chalk without thumbs
  • Charlie sat covered in chalk face flush with anger
  • On the Official Stink Eye Scale of One To Ten... this right here is a Major Ten.
  • The crazy mural guy decided to do "living art." I decided to do stink eye.
  • Pablo is better known for his abstracts
  • Everybody's a critic....
  • Charlie is kicking himself for being the first to fall asleep at the party, finding himself with full makeup in the morning.
  • Charlie: You win this time Sidewalk Chalk Dragon, but know I've got my stink eye on you!
  • Hey pink is my there a problem?
  • Hottest new artist...Chalkin' Charlie
  • "Wait..what? I was just blending the chalk lines!"
  • Fire Breathing Chalk Dragon - 1. Charlie - O.
  • "In West Philadelphia, born and raised..."
  • I tried to slay the beast, but the beast won!
  • Oh... you think it's funny I've got that pink chalk on me? After I drink enough water, I'll be "washing" that sidewalk off.
  • This amuses you? You draw on the sidewalk, draw on me... then expect me to do a trick? I think not.
  • "Is that the dragon or am I the dragon?"
  • Pwease feel better for me!!
  • I hate little kids with sidewalk chaulk.
  • "You've never seen my stink-eye with bonus fire-breathing? Here, let me show you..."
  • You think you've got me licked?
  • I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way.
  • Charlie thinks someone should go back to art school!
  • I never thought I'd say this... I've been driven this low. I actually need a bath.
  • He's ok, I rolled on him and he now smells like a Bosto
  • I've got something for the Big Bad Wolf - Big Bad Boston!
  • Bite me.....!
  • Listen Buddy, I am a Boston Terrier not a French Bulldog! Keep that thing in your mouth next time!
  • Did that seriously just happen? Ugh.
  • I'll get you for this!
  • Grr.. While you may have won this round chalk beast - I'll get you next time!
  • The green guy started it.
  • I hate to admit it, but even I think I need a bath. Those kids with the chalk got me good.
  • No. I'm not taking questions right now. The pink shall remain a mystery.
  • This means I need bath, doesn't it...
  • I've always loved makeup. Just wish I could get the blusher stuff on straight!
  • Come on I need some peace dragula
  • Pink cheeks is better than a green bottom
  • Go ahead... laugh at my expense. Wait until you see the package I left on your lawn.
  • Bath time, yuck!
  • Seriously, that is the last play date you are ever arranging for me...
  • "Sorry, I don't do autographs"
  • Oh No I got attacked by the giant chalk monster!!
  • Darn kids and there street art!
  • Picasso was better known for his abstracts.
  • No hiding this!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Yeah, you prolly think Molly got in the milk, too!

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