boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo Dory
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

  • Prepare to be boarded. Arrrg!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • What's an iceburg, again?
  • Save the Whales... and the Bacon!
  • A three hour tour!
  • Nice Try! But yur NOT leaving me at home again! AHOY!
  • We need a bigger boat.
  • Fear my dingy.
  • Hurry up, we can catch it.....I cant be King of the world in this rubber dingy!
  • See I am a BOSTON I have too much class for this little boat I should be on that yacht!
  • A'Hoy thar Matey!
  • Dory always knew his ship would come in one day.
  • Talk about "missed the boat"... "Wait for me!" he cries.
  • "Faster, man, faster! Emrys is on that boat!"
  • Deadliest Catch: Dory being taken out to the Northwestern to be the new greenhorn.
  • wait, I'M king of the world!
  • "SHE'S LEAVING ME!!!!" --Mark Antony, CLEOPATRA
  • I can't believe they are leaving without ME!
  • Prepare to be boarded!!!!
  • Maintain this heading captian...we are gaining on them
  • They wouldn't really leave with out me, would they?
  • Arr, Prepare to be boarded.
  • Ahoy will work for kibble!
  • I wanna go on the ferry
  • prepare to be boarded by a scurrvy dog
  • 24 hour buffet - It's a good thing...
  • This is the pirate ship the Woofah , you landlubbers ! , i grant you 3 minutes to hand down all your burger patties , milk cookies and all dooblons , if you do not cooperate , i finish my rollmops and FART in your direction , you are downwind and by the time it reaches , you will regret the fact i meant business , then while you are still taking refuge in the Head i take over the ship , so start handing over ... Yarrr!
  • I command you to surrender your vessel to me by order of the supreme Boston Terrier ownership rules or face the rath of Captain Dory.
  • Watch out ship, Dory the Coast Guard Boston is hot on your scent...oooh wait was that a wave?
  • Lock n' load boys!
  • Are you my new BFF?
  • Dory the captain looking for a new mate!!
  • "Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?"
  • Ahoy!!! Boston lovers port side!!!
  • Dory's ship has come in!
  • Is that the Queen Mary!? I wonder if there is a Boston terrier bloody mary

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