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Special Guest Stars:
boston terrier photo Mac & boston terrier photo Kipp
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

  • How do we make this ride go?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I knew tea with that Hatter fellow was a bad idea...
  • Mac & Kipp's impression of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
  • Kipp, I don't think this is what they mean when they say "Boston Tea Party".
  • Where is that Alice...with our magic tea?
  • "One side makes you grow taller, and the other side makes you grow shorter."
  • Where's our tea party Mom?
  • Sshhh, they think we're part of the toadies - we'll get first dibs on the yummies they put on the table.
  • Mac and Kipp chased the white rabbit again!
  • I hate when we get stuck in super mario world...
  • A very Merry Un-Birthday to us!
  • Toadstools? Do we look like Toads to you?
  • Tea time in Mario World...
  • I told you not to eat that cookie. Now we're "Bostons". But we ARE cute. :)
  • So one pill makes us larger and the OTHER makes us small...
  • Okay, where's the hooka?
  • Okay, we're at the silly table, bring on the food!
  • Mac and Kipp in Wonderland waiting for Cheshire Cat to appear...
  • "we're just sitting here waiting for Alice"
  • I don't mean to complain but the service here is a bit to be desired.
  • What does it take for a couple of kids to get served here?
  • are we in a Barbie commercial?
  • I need some service here
  • I told you to eat the other biscuit!
  • "Mac, what time will Alice be here?"
  • scuse us, are we your table ?
  • Waiting on ALICE and the the Mad hater...
  • They treat us like mushrooms. . keep us in the dark and feed us. . . .
  • Where is our tea Mac?,I don't know Kipp,But I think perhaps we should ask Alice!
  • Where did that white rabbit with the watch go??!
  • "Timeouts really suck....."
  • Kipp: Mac, would you like a spot of tea? Mac: Toadily!!
  • Mac and Kipp get together for the first time after meeting on
  • "Kipp, my dear, would you like milk bones or jerky treats with your tea?"
  • "Umm...who is this Alice chick anyway?"
  • We are soooooooo through with the service at this place. We want our food and now!!!
  • Service, please!
  • Mac and Kipp patiently wait for the tea and biscuits
  • Mac is at a loss for words as Kipp's eye wanders to the handsome Boston that just showed up.
  • Really, Kipp. Can't you pay attention?
  • In a moment, by the look on his face and the empty table, Kipp will realize that Mac stole her treat while she wasn't looking.
  • "Kipp... Have you ever done this Speed Dating before?"
  • The sservice is so slow. How many mushroons did the waiter eat?
  • Just becaues the lable says "DRINK ME" doesn't mean we have to have to drink, Kipp.
  • Where the hell is Alice!
  • Where is the tea? We are ready for our Boston tea party.
  • ok, now, where's dinner?
  • Is this just me or did I just see a rabbot with a stop-watch?
  • Speed Dating stinks. Too many Bostons, too little time.
  • Mac is feeling a little forlorn. Kipp checks out every hunky Boston that enters the garden.
  • Honeymoon in Wonderland.
  • ... and no, Mac, it's not a pee post.
  • I hope this isn't Hell's Kitchen.
  • I know we look like waiters, but I want some service.
  • I hear the Beef Wellington here is quite tasty.
  • Mac just learned a miserable lesson. Never eat beans on your first date.
  • Okay!!!! Now what?
  • Having been been out celebrating the night before, Mac and Kipp ordered a little "hair o' the dog".
  • Why is a raven like a writing desk?
  • I can see why the travelocity gnome would think this is a romantic spot for dinner, can't you Kipp?
  • "If we turn the table, will it make our seats spin like at Disneyland?"
  • welcome to mellow mushroom.
  • Mac, just be quiet and play.... Geesh!
  • Patiently waiting on the CHESHIRE CAT ... they had no idea he'd be so HUGE
  • C'mon Alice. Let's get this tea party started!
  • There had BETTER be a Snausage in that cup of tea!
  • Oh what a lovely tea party!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Hey did you hear that? Sounded like "Ricola" coming from those mountains over there.

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