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boston terrier photo Otto
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  • You threw the ball where?????
  • You brought your GPS... right?
  • So many trees... So little time...
  • If you cant run with the big Dogs sstay on the porch!
  • "Seeing all that water makes me want to pee"
  • It was a long journey but Otto finally reached his own horizon
  • Mississippi Man looking for his Louisiana Woman.
  • Otto gets his Colorado high.
  • Don't look can never look back.
  • I think I see Boston!
  • I can't wait to be King!
  • This ALL mine as far as the eye can see...wait, what is that pitbull doing down there!?
  • As I gaze out over the majestic pines to the mighty rolling river I can just pick out the Motel 6 where I will be sheltered from biting flies and campfire food when night falls over this beautiful America.
  • Sarah Palin was right! You can see Russia from Alaska!
  • Who forgot to bring my cape?
  • Promo for the new blockbuster movie, "The Boston King", starring Otto, a rising star in the canine world. His voice is provided by his hand-pawed choice of Jack Black (and his female counter-part's voice is done by Betty White. (Black and White)
  • It's a long way to swim to Otto Island for a little guy like me.
  • You want me to go where........?
  • Otto submits his photo for Diana Gabaldon's next book cover.
  • Oh Lord....I gotta peeeeeeee.
  • Wow, that's one big water bowl!!
  • Oh Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made.
  • Otto marvels at nature's wonder.
  • Oh the hills are alive with the sounds of Otto.......
  • My water bowl is where?
  • "That lake is pretty, I wish I could swim in the lake."
  • "That lake looks sweet!"
  • Otto takes a moment to reflect on all the trees he's marked.
  • Top o' the world Ma!
  • I think that cloud is giving me the finger.
  • As Otto gazed out at the water in the distance,he thought "I gotta pee....."
  • To go where a Boston has never gone before.
  • Are you sure this is the way Lewis and Clark go started????
  • We went to the mountain to find the wise one,and his name was Otto!!!
  • Sooo many trees, Sooo little gateraide for breakfast...
  • So Little Time - So Much Too Do * * *
  • I am master of all I survey.
  • Wait?.... Is that Alaska?
  • Beautiful dog.....beautiful scenery. Could not ask for more!!!!!!
  • I am king of the WORLD!

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