Bergamot and Emrys Present

What Would Bergamot Do?

A Quiz.

You pass by a patch of dirt in your yard. You notice a dying earthworm baking in the sun.

Do you:


a. Cover the worm with dirt and hope he makes it.

b. Ignore the worm altogether.

c. Roll in it!!!


You really want to play with your squeeky ball.

Do you:


a. Carry your ball over to someone and offer it to them.

b. Run madly through the house squeeking the ball and come to a sliding halt in front of someone, crouch down, place a paw on the ball and with a crazed expression dare that person to... take that ball.

c. None of the above. I don't find fetch enjoyable.

A kitty jumps over the fence and into your yard.

Do you:

a. Ignore her.

b. Run and hide. That creature has a tail!!!

c. Trot right up to her and touch noses, then jump around from side to side to entice her to chase you. There's no thrill like being chased by a kitty!

There is company visiting at your house. One of the guests enters the bathroom and shuts the door.

Do you:

a. Stand frozen like a statue with your nose pressed against the door where the guest closed it in your face (you were right behind them!) Mutter demanding "Erf" noises into the door until they come out of your room.

b. Take notice and keep a watchful eye on the door from your perch on someone's lap.

c. Patiently wait until they return. Everyone deserves privacy in the potty.


There is company enjoying dessert, coffee and conversation in the Dining Room. You are not allowed on the table, but you are curious about the wonderful fragrances coming from the table tonite.

Do you:

a. Wait until everyone leaves the table and hop up on a chair someone has left pulled back from the table and investigate.

b. Act lovey-dovey and charm one of the guests to let you up onto their lap. Use their lap as a springboard to the table and sniff all the empty plates for crumbs.

c. Trick question - none of the above! A dignified Boston would never play on the table in front of guests.


There is a chicken baking in the oven. Chicken is your favorite.

Do you:


a. Wait patiently. You know your parents always share the chicken.

b. Bark at the oven for an hour.

c. Stand next to the oven for an hour then go find your parents and inform them that the chicken is done by stamping your feet and saying, "Erf!"


The aforementioned guests are spending the night. When everyone turns in for the evening...

Do you:


a. Sleep in the bed right between Momma and Daddy as usual.

b. Divide your time between the guest room and Momma and Daddy so everyone gets some quality Bergamot time.

c. Dutifully guard the guests from under their covers until sunrise.


Total Score:
How well do you know Bergamot?
0-5 You need to meet Bergamot.
5-15 Pretty Good!
15-30 You must be a close, personal friend of Bergamot!
35 Bergamot! Are you using the computer again!??

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