Bergamot and Emrys Present

What Would Emrys Do?

A Quiz.

Someone has left a chair pulled away from the table. A cheeseburger sits on a plate alone on the table. No one is around.

Do you:


a. Sit patiently by the table, keeping your eyes on the burger. You know that you are not allowed on the table.

b.Whine a bit to get someone's attention, then look extra cute to convince them that you need a bit of burger.

c. Go for it!


You ring the bell at 2a.m. to go outside and potty. Once outside you notice a strange looking black and white kitty with a very bushy tail.

Do you:


a. Run to your favorite bush, quickly do your business and return to bed.

b. Pounce on the "kitty" so you can play with her!

c. Chase moths by moonlight. That kitty smells funny.

You are sitting in your yard enjoying the sunshine. The next-door neighbor comes outside to her yard.

Do you:

a. Joyfully run up to the fence to see what she is doing.

b. Bark at her like you have never seen her before.

c. Notice nothing - you are too busy watching bugs in the grass.

Your parents just brought home two identical Nylabones for you and your brother, Bergamot.

Do you:

a. Get right down to chewing your new bone.

b. Charge Bergamot like a bull, grab his bone and settle in to chew his bone while keeping a paw on your bone.

c. Ignore the bone. You do not like to chew stuff.


It is 3a.m. you have rung the bell to go outside. No one has responded.

Do you:


a. Go to the bedroom and try to wake them up with kisses.

b. Think to yourself: "I gave them fair warning, hope that they have Resolve in the house." Go find a spot on the carpet to pee.

c. Patiently keep ringing the bell until someone hears you.

Total Score:
How well do you know Emrys?
0-5 You need to meet Emrys.
5-10 Pretty Good!
11-24 You must know Emrys!
25 Emrys! Get off the computer!!

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