Crazy Eights

Dear Bergamot and Emrys,

Why does my Boston Terrier get all crazy and with her ears straight back, bum tucked under and a big smile on her face, run around in figure eight's or circles as fast as she can?
It just happens out of the blue and she gets a wild look on her face. I love it, she makes me laugh hard when she does it but I don't understand what's going on in her head.

Vancouver, BC

Dear Jane,
You are witnessing the joy of being Boston. Sometimes Bostons get so full of glee and joy because they are Bostons it makes them dance, run and jump with delight. I know we do!

Boston Kisses,
Bergamot Fury & Emrys The Nemesister

Harness Tag

Dear Bergamot & Emrys,
Why does my BT INSIST on putting his harness on in a different location every time he takes us for a walk?

Colleen & Steve -- Max's Humans!!!!!

Dear Colleen & Steve,
Boston Terriers are highly intelligent creatures. They need constant intellectual stimulation. Max is no exception. To put it in terms that humans can understand, Max is amusing himself at your expense. Have you tried teaching him to read?

Boston Kisses,
Bergamot Fury & Emrys The Nemesister

Table Manners

Dear Bergamot & Emrys,
Hi, you cute kids! My name is Elaine, and I have two rescued Bostons. Millie and Murphy and me, of course, want to know how you guys rate getting your own turkey for thanksgiving? Did your folks actually let you up on the table to run around and break the candles and spill the wine? Ha! What fun! How do you make your owners your personal servants?

Elaine, Millie & Murphy
Abbeville, SC

Dear Elaine,
Yes, as a highly refined breed of dog, we are regularly served at the table. Aren’t your Bostons???
However, we also enjoy a good food fight too!
P.S. Emrys started it!

Boston Kisses,
Bergamot Fury & Emrys The Nemesister