Say What?

Dear Bergamot & Emrys,
I don't really have a question for Bergamot, this goes out to Emrys....How do you pronounce your name and what does it mean?


Dear Pickles,

Finally! A question all about me!
Yes, my name is Emrys. It is a pretty name – it looks pretty and it sounds pretty. Don’t you agree?

It is pronounced Em-riss. It is a Welsh word meaning "Child of Light” and it is also the Welsh form of the name Ambrose meaning immortal. It is also Merlin the Magician’s first name. Even though he is a boy and I am a girl. I think it is a nice name for a girl.
Click here to hear the pronunciation of Emrys attempted by a computer.

Boston Kisses,
Emrys The Nemesister
(Emrys also rhymes with Nemesis)

Top Billing

Dear Bergamot and Emrys,

Why does Bergamot always get top billing? lol

Tango and Tux

Dear Tango and Tux,

That is a good question! We have been trying to agree on the “why” of that very question for a long time. I think my name comes first because as Emrys’ older brother, I was here first and older brothers are always the alpha-dog. I think our editor told Emrys it was because names in a title should appear alphabetically to keep her quiet.

Yes that is a very good question Tango and Tux. Bergamot is always telling me that he is the alpha-dog because his name appears first in our title. I know that is not true because I am the alpha! Me! Me!
It is simply because names in a title should be listed alphabetically to avoid conflict. To prove my point, I see that Tango and Tux are listed alphabetically.

So there, Bergamot!

Thanks for writing Tango and Tux!
Boston Smooches,
Bergamot & Emrys
Emrys & Bergamot


Can you ask Bergamot and Emrys how they type on the keyboard without making any mistakes? Do they dictate their column, do they know short hand or are they so important now that they have their own secretary? I gotta know what kind of perks come with the job?

Chazzi Balu from Indiana

Dear Chazzy,

You are right – there are a lot of perks that come with this job. Housekeeping, Catering, Entertainment Expenses…
We get our fan mail and questions read to us while we lounge on our snuggle-ball beds with a nice Kong toy stuffed with treats. Then we compose our answers and dictate them to our editor who types it for us and sends it to Nathalie. We do our own proofreading though! You never want to leave it all up to an “editor” -always be sure your creative vision is represented correctly.

Boston Smooches,
Bergamot & Emrys

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love

Emrys, you are a pretty girl! Anytime you want to get rid of that Bergamot, just let me know. ;0) I've got the get away car all gassed up and ready to go!!

Silly Willy

Dear Silly Willy,

Bergamot is my brother and I am a single girl. Do you like Pina Coladas? If you would like to send me your photo and a little more about yourself…

Boston Smooches – but not on the first date!

I attend all of Emrys’ dates as a chaperone.
-Bergamot Fury