Dear Bergamot and Emrys,
Knowing that Boston's are the most beautiful and intelligent dogs in the world, why do you suppose they didn't use one of us in the movie The Wizard of Oz?
from Little Man Digger.

Dear Digger,
As near as I can tell, The Wizard of Oz was an early vehicle for Judy Garland, and Hollywood probably did not want to upstage their budding young star by casting a dog with as charismatic a presence as a Boston Terrier.
Also, The Wizard of Oz was filmed in 1939 and at that time Boston Terriers were larger than they are today – they could not have neatly placed a Boston into that little basket.

Boston Kisses,
Bergamot & Emrys

Dante’s Dress Up
Dear Bergamot & Emrys,
Can you tell me why my owners insist on dressing me up all the time. I know it brings 'em joy, but come on already, I'm already wearin' a tux!! I came out wearin' one and so you can say I was prepackaged. Can you tell me how I can
tell them gently to leave me alone and to stop dressin' me up in the silly stuff. God knows I love 'em, especially the little one, her I don't mind, but when the tall people get into the act it's just embarrassing.

Dante in California

Dear Dante,
There is nothing you can do. My advice to you is to stop fighting it. You were born a Boston Terrier and with that comes certain responsibilities. You have been endowed with an overwhelming cuteness that causes most human beings to lose control of rational thought. It is that same loss of control that keeps you swimming in dog treats, toys and fluffy beds. Learn to embrace your power.

Use the Force Dante,
Bergamot & Emrys

Pest Control
Dear Bergamot,

Why are girls such a pain? My baby sister is such a pest. She steals my toys, eats my food and hogs all the human time cause she's so cute. What should I do? I don't suppose I can send her back can I? No, I guess not, the family is pretty attached and you have to admit, she is kinda cute...But you didn't hear that from me and I will deny ever having said that.

Buster Boy

Dear Buster Boy,
I feel your pain.
I, too, have been unfairly burdened with the addition of a baby sister. I have tried everything; whining, pouting, withholding kisses. The humans seem quite attached to her and despite my best efforts she remains. I suggest to you to do as I have done, to begin to use her presence to your advantage. Try not to think of her as a pesky little sister but instead as a convenient and gullible patsy.

Since Emrys’ arrival not one chewed shoe, ruined carpet or missing sandwich have been attributed to me.

I have learned to bask in a new kind of freedom that solo Bostons will never know.

Every cloud has a silver lining,

How Big Will I Get?
Dear Bergamot & Emrys,
I am a first time Boston owner. Paddy is 11 weeks old and weighs 3 lbs. I know she is one of the smaller varieties. Can you tell me how much she will probably weigh?

Paddy’s Person

Dear Paddy’s Person,
My breeder tells me that a good estimate is to take a Boston puppy’s weight at 3 months (12 weeks) and multiply it by 3. That will give you an estimate of how much Paddy will weigh when she is full grown.

Happy Growing!
Bergamot & Emrys
17.5 Pounds and 14.5 Pounds