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Budda Betty
Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

Budda Betty was determined to win 'Simon Says'.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • He is a bit standoffish, Betty thought, but at least he doesn't try to steal the toys
  • Budda Betty's Zen mantra..."BE the Statue."
  • A perfect example of art imitating life.
  • I'm gonna eat you now. You may feel a slight pinch.
  • RAWR...
  • Hey, you been standing to close to the fireplace! I think you have petrified!
  • You looked at Medusa...shake it off you'll be ok.
  • That was Chuck Norris???...I hope you'll be OK.
  • What happened to your fur???????
  • Hey, this is my spot by the fireplace!
  • Betty was astounded by the quietness of the new puppy.
  • Budda Betty is annoyed that the new kid is giving her the silent treatment.
  • Oh no...the head should be turned sharply to the LEFT , like this!
  • Budda Betty had the upper hand... the other guy was frozen with fear.
  • Me and Mini Me!
  • This little brother you got me is defective
  • "You, me, at the garbage can, midnight."
  • "I told you, it's not polite to stare."
  • Imposter!
  • Squirrel!!!
  • Do I really look like that?
  • I do NOT look like that! He's too fat.
  • Hmmm... I think I see the problem here. Someone murdered half of you.
  • Betty Davis Eyes!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do you see what I see??????!!
  • Pssssst, I overheard our owners say they couldn't afford to feed 2 dogs so one of us has to go".
  • I thought Santa gave the bad kids coal for Christmas!
  • Budda Betty and mini-budda betty
  • I do believe this is not authentic, purely replication.
  • ahhhh?'s my mini-me!
  • What the heck are you staring at? I don't see anything!

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