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Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week
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Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Dupont is an expert, I urge you not to try this at home."
  • So, this is what extreme frisby is like.
  • Yikes, no one told me that playing frisbee could be this dangerous...
  • I never thought passing a kidney stone would be like this!
  • Help! I'm being abducted by alians!
  • DuPont's worst fears have come true...neuter by frisbee...
  • DuPont, be Nimble.... DuPont, be Quick!
  • Save the Winky!!!!!
  • Poor DuPont! The other team is out to neuter him.
  • Arrghhhh, not the family jewels!
  • DuPont knew he had overshot the frizbee... he wasn't prepared for the fallout.
  • Hey! Hey! Watch it!
  • Hey Master!!! watch how you throw that thing!
  • I got it. I got it. Doh!
  • Whoa!!! Careful...I'm already neutered!
  • It was all fun and games until The Manhood was threatened.
  • DuPont was fighting circumcision tooth and nail!
  • Dupont makes America's Funniest Home Video's groin shot montage.
  • This is really gonna 3,2,1. YEOWWCH!!!!
  • Dupont wins the Freestyle event with his "Whizzing on a Frisbee"!
  • Dupont yells,"Hey! Throw in front of me!!! not AT me"
  • Call 9-1-1 I've been hit!
  • Yikes! Shoulda brought my Boston Cup!!
  • Dupont realizes that the last time something was THAT close back there, he woke up missing something.
  • OOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!What the @#$%&*# was that????
  • Demon frisbee! Demon Frisby from pepito!
  • I told you, I already went there. Snip snip.... :(
  • DuPont realizes he's about to get neutered.
  • Dupont realizes in horror what would have happened without the neuter.
  • Yowsers, watch you aim man...........
  • To answer your question: Yes I am neutered and yes this still hurt...
  • UFO! UFO! OMG!
  • Super Dupe finally met his match.
  • certain "parts", when grazed by a frisbee, WILL make your eyes POP out
  • Alright, we checked ya out, and you look to be alright. You will still be able to have kids. Just not tonight.
  • Me thinks this is going to hurt!!!
  • "HOLY CRAP!!! Good thing I'm neutered or that would have really hurt!"
  • For once I am glad I'm neutered!
  • HEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Where'd it go??? Getting a bit personal there aren't you??!!!
  • Did I just pee out a frisbee?!
  • NOT AGAIN!!!!
  • "Hey! I'm already neutered!"
  • Taking his eyes off the toy got DuPont a world of hurt.
  • DuPont takes one for the team.
  • Oh Nooooooooooooo....I'll be a soprano for a week!
  • All I said was "I'm not a weenie!". Now they want to take it!
  • I see an ice pack in DuPont's future!
  • And you thought his eyes were bulgy BEFORE the frisbie game!
  • Revenge of The Agony of Defeat!
  • This was NOT how Neuturing was explained to me...Eeowww !!!!!!
  • Im gonna get it! Im gonna get it! Ahhhhhhh!
  • DuPont had no idea what was at stake in Cutthroat Frisbee.
  • Either learn to aim or I'm gonna bite the hand that feeds me! Bite it right off!! You better taste like bacon!
  • Wow! I should have worn a cup!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Sophie can have her ball. I've got my fr... Oops, don't got it!
  • My mouth is up here, Sophie!
  • Sophie's Karma mistakenly finds DuPont!
  • This time, the Frisbee teaches DuPont the Agony of Defeat!


  • I can't come up with a caption, because i can't stop laughing.
  • The look on DuPont's face is priceless!!
  • ouch!! poor DuPont! I think the expression in his eyes says it all!
Great captions everyone!
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