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The Winning Caption is:

Sophie teaches The Ball "The Agony of Defeat".

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Qudditch Balls are brutal and rather tasty
  • Sophie was kicking ball and takin' names!
  • You think this is rough? You should see me play rugby!
  • Sophie has been playing soccer all her life!
  • There are different ways to get on the calendar as MISS NOVEMBER!
  • Sophie shows her extreme love of the game with the wear of the ball.
  • first the aliens took mah ball...den i chased dem and they went in the river & frough dem woods..and den....
  • I am the ball! I am the ball!
  • The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.
  • The team was a little rough on Sophies brand new pink soccer ball.
  • Seriously? This was my new soccer ball....I'm tellin momo.
  • This is MINE!!! And in case you haven't noticed, I... play ... dirty!
  • The game was RUFF
  • Soccer mom from hell
  • A grumpy, but satisfied Sophie shows off her victory over The Ball.
  • Getting down and dirty, Sophie skinned The Ball and taught it a real less
  • I SWEAR it was like this when I got it!
  • Yes, I know the ball looks like me. So What??!!!
  • Football Heck! Soccer is a real sport!
  • Soccer, its not for kids!
  • I don't like pink soccer balls!
  • Just you try and take it away!!
  • Sophie's post-game Rugby photo.
  • Sophie never trades in a ball before it's time.
  • Like her ball, Sophie had been kicked around long enough.
  • Sophie versus the Ball... who won?
  • It was a down and dirty fight, but Sophie came out on top.
  • Look Mom! It fought hard, but I skinned the Ball!
  • Sophie played so hard she rolled the spots of the soccer ball!
  • 'Go ahead, have a taste!'
  • we call it rugby and it's not for sissies..
  • Come on know what I need for Christmas!
  • Sophie plays with all her heart (and all the dirt)
  • The things I do for my country.
  • I'm still tryin' to win one for the Gipper....
  • Seriously Momo, I really need a new ball!
  • I am zee ONLY black and white around here, unnerstand?
  • You sure ya want to fight me for this????
  • My soccer ball is to damaged to play with I can has new one
  • Mommy, I think I killed the ball
  • This ball NEVER got by Sophie!!!
  • Old Boston Old Ball.
  • Seriously, a bath???
  • Sophie makes the most of her pink soccer ball and one day of use.
  • Just wait until I tell momo what you did.
  • The ball tried to get away...but I caught it and taut it a lesson
  • Will this mud come out of my jacket?
  • "I can whip any ball you throw me!".
  • Muddied and tired, Sophie shows off her defeat of The Ball.
  • On top o' the world, Ma. I really got it!
  • what is a B.A.T.H. and why do I need one?
  • So, you think football is still just for the boys???
  • Pink. It's my favorite color.
  • See momo!! What a big girl I am!!! I'm gaining on this thing..
  • Wanna go a round?
  • My work here is done!
  • 1998 world cup champion reliving the old days
  • on.
  • Sophie shows just how much she loves the color pink.
  • Which came first, the ball or the Boston Terrier?
  • We play ball? Please???
  • Sophie just can't under stand why no one will play with her?
  • Sophie ALL STAR football player of Poland.
  • I'm gonna bend it like Bergamot!
  • Sophie is a rugby-playing gal!!!
  • Just went a round with David Beckham, you'd be tired too!!!
  • and david beckham thinks he's tough
  • Sophie shows that girls take their soccer games seriously!
  • Skinning The Ball leaves ya grumpy and dirty.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Sophie wants Jex to wake up and play!


  • Somebody needs a bath!!!!!! lol and a new
  • hahah soo funny and cute
Great captions everyone!
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