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boston terrier photo of the weekRonnie, boston terrier photo of the weekBodie and boston terrier photo of the weekBoo-Boo the cat
Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

  • Ronnie, there's a reason this cat's name is Boo-Boo.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Boo-Boo tells the BEST ghost stories!
  • OMG, how did you just change into a cat???!!!
  • For the last time Boo-Boo - you can't be part of the gang!
  • Ronnie, I thought you said if we lured her into sunlight that she'd combust!?
  • Ronnie! Ronnie! It's LOOKING at ME!
  • Whoa! Are you invading our sunbeam, Boo-Boo?
  • As Ronnie and Bodie line up for inspection from Boo-Boo they they hope that they've done everything right...this time.
  • Brothers from another mother!
  • "It's... looking... at me, Ray."
  • "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of catz?" Da Shadow do...
  • He may be black ad white but I don't think he's one of us.
  • Let's scram, Bodie! When the sun goes down she turns into a werecat!
  • Sorry M'am I promise i wil stay in my naughty box
  • Are we sharing the sunbeam??
  • Boo Boo puts on her best Boston disguise.
  • Bodie is shocked when Boo-Boo dares to invade the Boston sun spot.
  • Ronnie is ready to provide "back up" for Bodie if Boo-Boo doesn't back off
  • One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong...
  • Bodie and Ronnie are appalled that Boo Boo crossed their path and caused bad luck.
  • "Psst, you see what I see?"
  • The things that come out of the dark where shells like us but only show what monsters they are
  • Ummmm,you don't look like a Boston to me.
  • Your not from around these parts.
  • are u lookin at me?.....i know u aint lookn at me!
  • The secret meeting of the the first dogs club was under way. They where about to teach Boo-Boo the cat the secret paw shake.
  • There seems to be an intruder in our mists.
  • As the evil counsel demands to why there is a cat in their lair.
  • Boo-Boo: [Slow Geogian Drawl] Honey, my claws are fast enough to scratch your lightnin' tongue three times before you give me one kiss. Ronnie: Thee's thnot lyin', Bodie.
  • Try to blend in all you want Boo-Boo. We know you're not a real boston.
  • Eeek! what do we do now, big brother?
  • Whatchoo talkin bout Boo-Boo
  • In about one minute, all heck is gonna break loose!
  • See, I told you it wasn't one of us.
  • One of these things just doesn't belong here, one of these things just isn't the same...
  • If it looks like a Boston and stares like a Boston, it must be a Boston
  • the triplets were very close until Boo boo got an "extreme make-over"
  • Boo Boo is not afraid of zombie Bostons due to the black and white factor.
  • Ronnie say to Bodie, you see what I see!
  • Bodie is horrified as Boo-Boo oversteps her boundaries.
  • Bodie thinks there is something a little off with the new boston terrior.
  • This sunny spot is not big enough for the three of us.
  • Hey wait a second, your not a dog!
  • Who's the imposter?
  • As the shadow cast across the boys, they plane their escape!
  • The Bostons are turning into CATS!
  • I Don't Think So!
  • One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?
  • SHHHHH - This is going to be bigger than Watergate, BT Deep Throat said.
  • Do not make the contact with the eyes
  • Ummm Bodie... what the H E double hockey sticks is that!
  • I don't think we should trust her. She looks like us but there is something that is just off...
  • One of these things is not like the other....
  • One of these things is not the other ones.
  • We're all dressed up in our tuxes. Where's the limo?
  • Boo Boo- the shadow knows and you AREN'T a Boston!

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