boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Hooker

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

I just ate an entire human being.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "I'll be right with you after this sneeze"
  • As you can see, I have sucked the color from my blankie into my eyes. It's my X-power.
  • I schmell a schmelly schmell.
  • Meanwhile in his secret lair, "The Hooker" plots his revenge on "CatMan"
  • This is not the blanket you're looking for...
  • Mom did Not use the Gain this week.
  • well I SAID I was sorry, you don't have to rub my nose in it!
  • Pleeease can I stay on the couch?
  • My blanky smells like Downey. Can't stop smelling....UMMMMM!!!
  • Who let Captain Underpants in?!
  • I hate it when my cape gets turned around while I'm flying.
  • "I didn't know you could get a hangover from having treats before bed"
  • Flinch and I will attack.
  • Really?
  • You can't see me.
  • YOU were not supposed to be HOME for anther HOUR !
  • Come on, Baby, light my fire!
  • LOOK into my eyes! You are now going to put that sandwich on the floor and leave the room!
  • The SUPREME stink eye. You WILL obey.
  • My blankie smells like the cat, curse it.
  • ahhhhhh smells so fresh and clean!
  • Why are you looking guilty, Hooker?
  • Hooker get's mixed up and places his Superman cape on the wrong side when he is imaginary flying on the couch.
  • You have disturbed my nap, peasant. Now you shall pay...
  • I TOLD you, I am NOT a morning puppy!
  • Iz been a vewy bad boy, mwahhhahaahha
  • oops, I tooted :)
  • It stinks in here, and it wasn't me this time.
  • This couch and cloth are mine you can never have it
  • *sniff, sniff* Still smells Downey fresh!
  • The Curse of a Thousand Fleas to those that awake me before NOON!
  • Keep movin' bub... nothin' to see here.
  • Aren't you supposed to be at work?
  • You washed my nosey blanket, thats why you're getting the stink eye!!!
  • Brown eyed Devil!
  • I swear - I didn't do it!!
  • I just love when Mom remembers to put dryer-sheets in with my blankey on wash-day!!!!!!!!!
  • dis. iz. mah. fresh. clean. blanket.
  • Aww Mom, I washed my paws just like always. NOW can I eat?
  • Hooker didn't appreciate his monthly pedicure.
  • Luke! I am your father
  • U iz gonna pay for this
  • This OBEDIENCE thing is gettin' tiring! I just wants to have FUN!
  • I'm gonna sit here and pout til they know I'm sorry...
  • NO! MORE! KISSES!!!!!!
  • The CAT did it and I got blamed!
  • My old bones are too tired to chase after you just now, but I'll get ya, Sonny. I'll get ya.
  • Hooker doing his very best Natalie Portman Black Swan.
  • Do you mind?
  • Don't push me, its my naptime & my blanket!
  • I love this blanket, despite the cact I'm allergic
  • One more move and I kill your blankie...
  • I told Mom that I did not want my nails trimmed this short!!!
  • busted.... ok,what did I do now?
  • Hooker thinks "This isn't "snuggle" fresh!"
  • Does this blanket bring out my eyes?
  • Don't make me get up! I am soooo comfortable!
  • I am sorry! I will never, ever eat your egg roll again. It just looked so good!
  • I'm sorry I ate your shorts!
  • Hooker just cant stop smelling her binki.
  • I hooker'ed this orange rug - like it?
  • Last warning! Step away from the blanket!
  • who dares desturb my sleep!?!?
  • im gonna get ya my pretty!
  • IwillnotchasethecatIwillnotchasethecatIwillnotchasethecatIwillnotchasethecatIwillnotchasethecatIwillnotchasethecat...
  • But I don't WANT to take a nap!
  • You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
  • I'm not a morning dog
  • Don't talk to me, I haven't had my coffee.
  • The landing was a little rough
  • This is my evil face!Mwahahahaha
  • this febreeze really does smell good

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