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Special Guest Star:boston terrier photo of the week Pixie

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

  • Pixie is now regretting competing in the "March Mustache" contest... even if she did take 1st place!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Pixie is ready for the Tom Selleck look alike soon as her Hawaiian shirt gets ironed.
  • Pixie? Who is this 'Pixie' you speak of? No Pixie around here....
  • Pixie was determined to discover once & for all what went on at the Gentleman's Club.
  • Do you think they'll recognize me at the free give aways booth I need another sample!!
  • Shut up!! My mustache is AWESOME!!
  • Pixie entered the witness protection program as "Charlie".
  • Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.
  • Pixie, despondent over the failed waxing, decided to keep a stiff upper lip.
  • No Pixie here-just me, Bruno, looking for got cookie?
  • Got a little captain in ya?
  • yes I am inspector clouseau.....
  • Pixie finally got to fufill her dream of being Mario.
  • I am not crawling through that green pipe again.
  • Pixie: Sleeper-Cell Agent, Fluent in over 7 languages, known to alter her appearance through the use of disguise.
  • Why so serious.
  • Please senorita, just one little kiss...
  • Pixie often needed to travel incognito to avoid being over run by her adoring fans
  • Pixie contemplates why she inherited dad's mustache instead of mom's blue eyes.
  • Can I get a double shot of espresso to go please? It's been a long night...
  • Uh oh, time to pluck those darn mustache hairs.
  • PIXIE!Have you been playing with Moms lip-liner again!!!!
  • The face that launched a thousand dog treats!!!!!!
  • How'd ya like a little Pixie dust??
  • Pixie has perfected the "slay me with sweetness" expression-perfect for acquiring bacon.
  • Mom! How do you like my new mustache?
  • You do realize I'm a girl, right?
  • gotta find esthetician...
  • Pixie still thinks he is better looking than the famous Jerry Colonna.
  • LICENSE PLATE, what about my mustache?
  • Can you pass me the mustache wax?
  • Hercule Poirot ain't got nothin' on my disguise!
  • pixie does a really great immitation of mario
  • what'a you looking at
  • What? you say i iz growing noze hares ?
  • You must pay the rent.
  • Handsome: Check Debonair: Check Stunning Mustache: Check Bring on the ladies.
  • PSSSTT!! Pixie! You have something on your upper lip!
  • Dog sad as Magnum P.I. marathon comes to an end.
  • How do you like my manly disguise?
  • What a "mustache!"
  • A day without laughter is a day wasted
  • I'm sleepy Momma.
  • What do you mean Jersey Shore is over?!
  • Lady Gaga knows I was Born this Way!
  • Listen to me! I'm the boss around here
  • Yes, I look like James Cagney and yes, you are a DIRTY RAT for thinking that about a dame!
  • The Little Tramp is NOT amused.
  • Pixie reminisced about her days in the barber shoppe quartet - before the accident.....
  • That is quite the stash my man!
  • Do I LOOK like I have a bone?
  • How do you like my mustache?
  • You talkin' to me?
  • Dont hate me because Im Beautiful.
  • I am emulating my idol Magnum PI. All I need is the Hawaiian shirt.
  • Pixie tries on a licorice mustache at the photo booth
  • Incognito Pooch! "You don't know me esse!"
  • I am ze locksmith of love, no?
  • Come on Mario, ask me to dance! Ask me!
  • Pixie is desparately attempting to gain admittance to the all male bark park.
  • what if I now look like Groucher Marx!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I AM Smiling.
  • Can you pass the mustache wax?
  • I dreampt i was eating a caterpillar....
  • Pixie ask, anyone have a cigar?
  • Am I BEAUTIFUL to be called Pixie?
  • si senor, i am very cute.
  • Mustache... Mustache...
  • Must... Resist... Ripping... off... Mustache!
  • Must... Resist... Ripping... Off... Mustache! Ah what the heck! *Riiiippp* Ahhhhhhhhhhh! So!!!! Much!!! Pain!!! Mommy!!!
  • Oui Mademoiselle. And may I suggest the baked flambe' to complement your entree'?
  • Pixie takes a moment.
  • "Oh, I just don't think Momo's black eyeliner is supposed to look this way!"
  • Tom Selleck called...he wants his mustache back.
  • Eetsa me! Mario!
  • Pixie was contemplating resuming estrogen supplements, as menopause had left her with many obvious body changes.
  • Pixie is going to try to get a role on the Sopranos

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  • What a sweet girl! Look at those eyes... I bet she gets anything she wants.


Great captions everyone!
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