boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:boston terrier photo of the week Deuce

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Did anyone get the license plate on that truck?!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Visions of chicken legs danced in his head
  • I read this fights what gravity does to my handsome face....
  • See? If I sleep like this, I don't need the CPAP!
  • Deuce passes out after he smelt what he dealt!
  • When in doubt, take a gives you a whole new perspective!
  • Okay, now remember what I said, turn your lights on and pull up to my ear...see if you can see my brain, okay?
  • Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my truck to keep...if I die before I wake, throw my truck into the lake.
  • Belly. Rub it.
  • Did you ever notice things seem easier when you think 180 degrees the opposite direction?
  • spring time ...and the living is easy
  • Deuce gives another meaning to "Rolling out the Red carpet!"
  • Here's the tummy, where's the scratchin'
  • Deuce takes nap #148 for the day.
  • How can anyone resist rubbing that tummy?
  • Deuce does his best impression of a rubber chicken.
  • Snoozy Deuce!
  • I am a star !
  • If I sleeps like this, I don't snore- I promise. ;)
  • The excavation of the (now extinct) beastie-sauorus.
  • "Maaaaa, I want to play with my trucks NOW!"
  • This giant dog is holding up construction!
  • i am ready for my belly rub and kiss... like now...
  • Ah, nothing like a nap on my back!
  • After a hard day of playing trucks,Deuce takes 5 winks.
  • Always the clown!Deuce played dead after being hit by the ting toy dump-truck!!!!
  • You can always tell when Deuce is dreaming about bacon.
  • When the wife is away, no one can tell me to roll over to stop snoring.
  • Belly. Rub it.
  • Mushie Face
  • Oh No!Don't run the truck in my Ear
  • I whip my ears back 'n' forth! I whip my ears back 'n' forth!
  • What? Bulldozer? Where? PLAY DEAD
  • Deuce dreams of being Santa's head reindeer.
  • Sometimes all is right with the world...
  • ...and so, this is the proper position when playing dead.
  • Deuce mastered the arts of squirming.
  • Deuce's favorite Yoga's called the Supta Baddha Bostonasana
  • I don't think a bikini wax is such a good idea for a guy!!! OUCHHHHHH!!! Speedo here I come!!!
  • Spread some mustard on me, mama - I'm done!
  • Maybe when I wake up someone will really be rubbing my tummy

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Freckles had to share that I need a nap! Do Squirrels have tryptophan?


  • The photographer "captured" a Boston Terrier's innermost personality, one of many...
  • Awww, the upside down nap!


Great captions everyone!
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