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boston terrier photo of the week Una
Rated: Cute

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The Winning Caption is:

I roam the streets at night, looking for a fight. Will anyone test my bite?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "I can totally hold it until it's warmer..."
  • You come to Una for fortune? Good, good. Hmm, I see future forecast to be...dark and cold. Come back tomorrow when warmer. Or wear sweater like me.
  • Que the Tom Waits music, Una is coming to town.
  • It was cold - snow was packed between my toes like pebbles in a dog run but I had a missing ball to find before mom got that cuppa coffee and left me stranded....
  • una say's: this environment is NOT condusive to a healthy bowel movement !
  • groundhogs suck
  • Don't worry. A walk on a dark street is safe with Una's stink eye to protect us.
  • “How I detest the daylight. It makes the snow look like three day old stubble on a prize fighter.”
  • In the dark, mean streets Una watches... and waits...and there better be a treat when she is done!
  • Are you just going to stand there looking at me suffer in this cold? Or are you gonna pick me up and carry me home?
  • "I am shooting daggers of outrage out of my eyeballs over this treatment! Take me inside NOW."
  • Hey Mugsy, howsa bout you buys a dame a drink?
  • (Sung to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman")... Una the Boston, was a quite unhappy soul...with her silver chain and her checkered coat, a warm bed her only goal!
  • Una doggedly walks her beat - there'll be NO crime in snowtown tonight!
  • They say you see bright lights just before you FREEZE TO DEATH!!!
  • See! I told you I would freeze my ears off!!!!
  • The mean streets of NY are no place for a lady... but Una is no lady so check yourself before you wreck yourself!
  • Una wants the name of those responsible for all this snow... There will be a price to be paid!
  • "I love the night life...."
  • "I is a Snow Bunny!"
  • As soon as I thaw out I am so going to pee in your snow boots!!!
  • I came to drink beer and kick're out of beer.
  • Please sir don't leave in the cold on christmas eve
  • Ok, get your laughs. Ha ha. It's really cold and I am cute in my sweater. Take the *@#&! picture and take me back inside!!!!
  • Oh, yes. Revenge will be sweet. Don't plan on wearing those new shoes again! Mwahahahaha!
  • The spot on the top is for smooches!
  • A Camera!? Now is NOT the time for photos. Take me inside. Now.
  • The streets have taken their toll on poor Una.
  • This is NOT what Una had in mind when her owner said "let's go for a walk"
  • Una demonstrates the rarely seen walkies stink eye.
  • Get me the Hell inside!
  • Take the damn picture Mom - its COLD out here !
  • If you make me wear last years sweater again !
  • Call me "Snow Dawg" one more time and I am turning this snow YELLOW!
  • Una doesn't do Snow.
  • Una waits for summer.
  • Even in winter you don't mess with Una on the mean streets of Chicago!!
  • I haz a stinky surprise for your shoe.
  • No. Just no....
  • My hair is Harlow gold, My lips a sweet surprise. My paws are never cold, I've got Bette Davis eyes....
  • bad boys bad boys whacha gonna doooo?
  • Burrrr...We need to move to California NOW!
  • I...WANT...IN...NOW!!!!!
  • My potty is broken.
  • Its so cold I have ear shrinkage.
  • It's a cold cold world
  • I'm over it!
  • I feel like a popsickle.
  • I think my feet are frozen to the street, does it look like i want my picture taken right now!
  • "Remember when I said I looked silly in this sweater? I take it back"
  • Really? um... my legs are still cold!
  • This isn't what I had in mind when you said we would just chill out this evening...
  • Una is rethinking not going south for the winter.
  • "Seriously? A short sleeve boys sweater and no boots. Do you see my paws...IN THE SNOW. Back to remedial people school".
  • oh my, I think I've frozen my ears off....
  • I am so over the snow!
  • Wanna keep that hand? Don't plant it on top of my head...
  • that's it, we're moving to flordia
  • spare a cookie for a down on her luck dog?
  • Well, it stopped snowing and the layer is thin enough to make my paw prints!
  • What part of "I'm cold" don't you get?
  • A rare documented photo of the Siberian Boston Terrier
  • BRRRRRRRRRRR........ I hate you peoples......... LET ME IN !!!!!!!!!!
  • Will work to get out of this sweater.
  • I wanna go back...I am coooooold.
  • Una demonstrates simultaneously giving the stink-eye and cold shoulder
  • You want a piece of me, Mother Nature?
  • Una the snowdog wasn't exactly a jolly happy soul.
  • Ma, my sweater needs more colour. No one can see me.
  • Why are we standing in the snow? Can't we take this picture taking session inside? It's Cold!
  • Put the f**king camera down and take me inside.
  • you better sleep with one eye open tonight
  • I really dont like you right now!!!
  • Una...walking the mean city streets in search of cat burglars.
  • Dressed for the occasion!
  • How could Mommy leave me out here for that lousy cup of coffee?????
  • can't... blink.... eye's... frozen...
  • Can you turn up the heat? It's cold out here.
  • I can't believe that winter is still dragging on!
  • They call this a "blanket" of snow? Give me back MY blanket!!
  • OK...I've already frozen my ears off....what's next??

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • She looks just like my Zoe. What an angel!
  • What a cutie pie!
  • hahahahahahhaha


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