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boston terrier photo of the week Maude
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Maude knows that the path to success requires you to claw your way to the top!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Maude makes note of all possible escape routes at the vet's office.
  • I'm in a bit of a hurry, just a quick buff & clear polish today, thank you.
  • "Don't overcook my hamburger"
  • Maude HATES getting her nails clipped!
  • I'm ready for my finger bowl now...
  • GAAAKKK I'll never meet the deadline...I can't reach the keyboard!
  • Another round for everybody!!!!!
  • Is that a squirrel your dissecting?
  • Whoohoo! That there moonshine's got a KICK!
  • What a Bummer! I'm finally big enough to see the counter and there's nothing there!
  • Has anyone seen my glasses?
  • Maude vs ..... THE PAW !!!!
  • After checking her computer daily for 2 months, Maude is shocked to see a new photo of the week on Little Beasts. [~hee hee hee - good burn! We can take it! xoxo ~the LittleBeasts Crew :D ]
  • Who said I've got the googlies?
  • Ring ring ring... cookie phone!
  • I see treats! Gimme gimmee
  • Look in to my eyyyyyyes... You WILL give me that cookie!
  • It's about time, I've been waiting in line forever!
  • I can't believe I ate the WHOLE THING!
  • Hey, i ordered fries with my Chiken Mcnuggets!
  • I am going to just die if I don't get FOOD!
  • Gotta have it... gotta have it... gotta have it.
  • Maude was startled to see that her dinner was fashionably later than she was!
  • Marty Feldman is ready for his close-up!
  • Ma, get me outa here, NOW!
  • Did somebody say TREAT???
  • Oh my god...did I miss lunch again!
  • OMG! I'll never be able to erase this image from my mind!
  • Hey, where's the food that was up here?
  • Can I help?
  • You can take Maude out of the hills, but you'll never quite get the hills out of Maude.
  • Scooby-Doo where are You?
  • In her excitement, Maude almost lost her dentures...
  • Duuuude........
  • Give it to me!
  • I've decided to vote Republican but remain Democratic in spirit.
  • Wait- this is the vet... I thought I was in da kitchen! No....
  • Hey where are the peeps?
  • Where did that cake go? It was just here, I just saw it!
  • Snacks!?! For ME!?!
  • Did sombody say Bacon?!?!?!
  • Maude tries using her slight of paw action to get the goodies off the countertop........
  • Is it dinner time yet?
  • "Did I miss dinner?"
  • You put WHAT in my dog food???
  • is zat grilled cheez?
  • Did someone say dinner?
  • I'm sure I heard the dinner bell!
  • Ooooohhhh Myyyyyyy!!!!! I am feeling a little tipsy!!!
  • The thermometer is going where?!?
  • Hey, can I get some service here?
  • Unless you dont have a cannot appreciate the funny antics of a Boston....
  • can i pwease have just 1 more cookie
  • Give me another, Jack!
  • Did you say shot?! I don't like shots!
  • Do I smell Popcorn??
  • WHAT!!!!!??????? NO DINNER!!????? WHERE'S MY MEATLOAF!!!???
  • It's not the shadow Maude's what MAKES that shadow!
  • Maude doesn't take well to catnip!
  • Maude wonders who left their beer on the coffee table last night.
  • I smell COOKIES!!!!
  • Whaa...wasn't there suppose to be a new Grey's Anatomy tonight?
  • Cheese? Where?
  • What, did you say chicken?
  • what cookie???????
  • '...and alllllll they found...was a bloody claw!!!!!!!'
  • How much for the matching aqua counter tops?
  • What? My elbows are not on the table! Where's my plate?
  • FOOD! derp derp FOOD!
  • Ok who took my Bacon strip!!!!!!!
  • excuse me Doc, but you want to take me temperature where???!!!!
  • Every time Maude goes to the dentist, she suffers the ill effects of novocaine.

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  • She's adorable!
  • lol


Great captions everyone!
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