boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Mack
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Mack knows you needs to roll your Rs well when you say "Burrrrrrrito"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Though his name was Mack, his nickname was Linus, for one very obvious reason!
  • Mack regrets drinking the shampoo and conditioner in the shower.
  • Pablo Picasso eat your heart out!!!!,because this is Boston Art!
  • New for 2011 Boston Performance Art!!!!
  • And next year for Halloween, I'm going as a sushi roll!
  • One Boston Burrito coming up!
  • Pig in a blanket
  • Mack, Prince of Treats, anticipates his next snack.
  • Mack practices for the paternity test.
  • All I wanted was a *@#$*%^ Tootsie roll!!!
  • Curly tongue!
  • Tongue Twister!
  • If it Looks like a Toco >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Boston Roll-Ups for dinner! My favorite!
  • Why yes I AM a tasty burrito!
  • Del Taco's new "Beefy" burrito!
  • I love these State Fair cutouts - hi Ma, hi Pa!!!
  • Mack demonstrates the Double Boston Roll Up.
  • VERY artistic with the coil of the tongue mimicking the movement of the blanket. Well done!
  • This looks like a big Twinkie but sure doesn't taste like one!
  • Macbrito
  • Be the burrito, roll your R's like dis...
  • New kind of sushi. The Boston roll.
  • Where did the chicken go? IT CANNOT HIDE!
  • Does this blanket make my tounge look big?
  • Mmmm soap tastes good!
  • The newest trend in sushi... the Boston Roll.
  • a little mayo, a little ketchup and a lot of mustard....that's the way I like my burritos
  • I represent the lollipop guild...the lollipop guild and I welcome you to Little Beast land.
  • Down under, our tongues curl in the opposition direction...
  • I would like an ice cream swirl please.
  • oh look a curly boston burrito!!!
  • I'll do anything to get my picture taken. Look at my tongue.
  • Mack thinks he's a REAL burrito & is trying to lick himself to see if he tastes good.
  • i would like you to wrap me up like thith!
  • Where's all the cream filling?
  • I'm already for Mardi Gras
  • Mack learned the hard way to chew ONE bubblegum at a time
  • It'fzzz szzo could out therre my toung sthucckk to my theeefff.
  • great tongue action there mack!!!!
  • After watching the 24 hour marathon showing of A Christmas Story, Mack misinterpreted the double-dog-dare to mean him. He will never stick his tongue to a frozen metal pole again.
  • Boston Poppy.
  • Jumanji! Jumanji!
  • The lesser known Mack Python is invading our homes.
  • That was some good stuff.
  • Even my tongue goes along with my Tortilla outfit.
  • So this is what a burritto feels like....
  • Mack loves to show off his 'cherry stem' knot tying skills.
  • Rolling "R"s and blankets are just two of my many talents.
  • introducing a new line of sushi.. "the boston roll"
  • Mack's interperative tongue-art of the Hawaii 5-0 opening scene.
  • Forget sushi! Try the Mack-roll!
  • I bet you can't do this with YOUR tongue...
  • I'm practising rolling my "R"s, can't you tell by my tongue?
  • Tootsie roll.. hmmm
  • What's at the tootsie roll center or your tootsie pop?
  • Who ordered the bean burrito?
  • The lion, in its natural habitat, licks its chops as it stalks the elusive hot dog.
  • Mack knows how to roll his R's!!!!!!!!
  • Mack reels in the fly he just caught.
  • Anyone else feel like a taco?
  • Does this hat make me look fat?
  • I am NOT a piggy in a blanket!!!
  • Yes I am the whole burrito
  • I was cold !!!
  • You must roll your R's, like this
  • Macks thinking if I unwrap the blanket, then my tongue my unravel.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Plumm maybe the whole enchilada... but can she do this?! [PPP]


  • This is captivating hearts everywhere,best of all CUTE!!!!!!!!!
  • so cute but funny also!!!!
  • Mack,you are one hansom guy!,are you giving beginstrip kisses.
  • crazy & funny!!! :)
  • Such a doll baby!


Great captions everyone!
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