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So Ducky, what did you roll in?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • This tub isn't big enough for the both of us!
  • Ollie fears that he shrunk in the tub, when he sees the size of his new rubber duck.
  • Does this duck make me look fat?
  • You shampooed too hard. All my spots are gone! eeek.
  • What the duck!!
  • Ollie thinks baths are for the birds.
  • Rubber ducky, you see to the very core of my suffering.
  • Ollie once again has to remind Ducky not to pee in the bath water.
  • Do you think it will hold me??
  • Mom! Could you put my spots back on; there's a duck in here?
  • I hope rubber duckies don't pass "Boston Gas" :)
  • Doesn't Cliffie look cute in his duck costume?
  • Rubber ducky, you're the one for me!
  • Like a duck to water? ... Not so much.
  • I wouldn't drink that water, Duckie. See how white I am and how gray the water is?
  • Rubber Ducky I'm awfully fond of you!
  • Honestly, Do I have to share my bath with him?
  • Ducky washed all my spots away!
  • Hmm, isn't my rubber duck supposed to be small?
  • so what... is THIS suppose to make me like baths!
  • Ollie thought bubble *stupid yellow duckie... always looks SOOOO happy in water*
  • Either you grew a whole lot since my last bath or the water is shrinking me!
  • to squeak or not to squeak that is the question
  •, I'm done here.
  • Tell me the truth Mommy, was there some bleach in my bath?
  • Oh no, shrinkage!
  • oh yeah? I can make bubbles come out of my butt too!
  • Who's THAT guy and what's he doing in MY bathtub?
  • you need to get out of my tub NOW!!!
  • Hey wait just one minute - you're not Cliffie!!
  • Ollie contemplated inter species relationships before partaking in a skinny dip with his main squeeze.
  • Ollie really just saw the rubber ducky as a bad omen.
  • mom scrubbed too hard. she washed away all my spots!
  • Never knew ducks could fart!
  • Rubber Ducky your the one you make bathtime lots of fun lah lah lah.
  • Rubber Ducky,I love you,I want you,I need you,well at least at bath time!!!!!
  • Ollie stayed in the bath so long that all his black spots got washed off.
  • Ollie is extra clean and "spot" less after bathing with his giant rubber ducky.
  • "Ducky, I don't think I should take anymore baths. It seems to be turning my fur white..."
  • Rubber duckie I',m awfully fond of you!
  • Must be nice to be able to float, grumble grumble grumble...
  • Too much information!
  • One more quack out of you and I'll...
  • "Uh-oh Ducky, I just wee-weed."
  • What Ollie did not know is that the tub was filled with quick drying cement.
  • HEY! No farting in the tub!
  • Oh...rubber ARE the One!!!
  • Hmmmm, I think I can ride this ducky
  • With that look, you know the duck let one rip.
  • You want ME to wash YOUR what!
  • Excuse me?!?! Can't you wait your turn like everybody else?!?!
  • "It's me or the duck, what's it gonna be?"
  • attack of the rubber duckies
  • Rubber Ducky, you're the one....You make bathtime lots of fun...
  • What happens in the tub...stays in the tub! You got that, Ducky?
  • Hey Duck - Personal bubble, you'er invading my personal bath space! Float way, Duck.
  • What're you in for? I didn't do anything!
  • Ewww rubber ducky what did you eat?
  • Not this one again - he takes up all the space and leaves the water yellow.
  • Ollie learns a valuable lesson...don't take a bath in full view of the "paparazzi"!
  • Yea..Yea..I see outta my way......
  • I really thought rubber duckies were smaller than this.Maybe he's trying to take over?
  • I'm sure a bath washed all the life out of this guy...
  • Don't laff at me - I have my tuxedo off for my bath.
  • I will not play with the ducky, just get me out of the tub!
  • Ollie isn't sure if it was a quack that made those bubbles.
  • Ollie, taking it personal that the duck always gets the front.
  • Obviously this duck doesn't know the rules! No snuggling in the tub!
  • Is there bleach in this water?
  • They told me we were going for a ride... how'd they get you in here?
  • "No no, Ducky! Don't drink the water! I just wee weed."
  • soo...come here often?
  • Must be a bleach bath
  • My rubber duckie isn't making bathtime fun.
  • i don't trust anyone who looks this happy about bath time.
  • Did they make you take your tux off for the bath too?
  • Where are my spots - Did you take them?
  • Duckie, don't be cute with me!
  • Rubber duckie your the one,who makes bath time loads of fun!!!!
  • 'Rubber ducky, you're the one. You make bath time lots of fun!...'
  • They got you, too, huh?
  • What Ollie didn't know is that toxic tub water washes off his black fur.
  • No....MOM!!!...MOM!!! This is MY!!... bath...
  • "Whoa, don't pull that plug till I get behind my ears."
  • Look,I know I've been coming here a lot,but I just want to be FRIENDS!
  • Rubber ducky, you're the one!
  • I don't care if you give me the big Duckie. I told you that was the wrong soap and now LOOK!

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