boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week
Ally & boston terrier photo of the week Lily
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

There's no one else I'd rather share my sun with.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • For Whom the Beast Snorz
  • Ally & Lily require pre-heating prior to play time.
  • sure this is sweet, but what they really want is... BUNK BEDS!
  • did you know you snore?
  • Would you like a "Regular" or "Chocolate"?
  • Sunning Buddies!
  • ... and bake in the sun until the coat is a nice golden brown. Promptly remove and lather with love.
  • Sisters.. Sisters.. There were never such devoted sisters...
  • Ahhh,nothing like sunbathing and napping at the SAME time!
  • Happiness is a sunny day and a close friend!
  • Try as hard as she could, Lily just couldn't get that bronzed godess look Ally had.
  • The Boston weight watchers club takes a quick nap break before yoga class
  • OK, who farted?
  • When the humans are out of the house, we'll jump up onto the counter and get the treats! "zzzzzz" Um, Lily, are you with me? "zzzzzzzzzzz *snort* LILY!!!
  • True Love and Sharing
  • Ally asked Lily to switch sides in sun bathing today. Yesterday, she stayed in the beam too long and now has the tan to prove it.
  • Sitting in the morning sun. I'll be waiting till the evening comes. Just sitting on the dock of the bay.
  • Ally and Lily, the latest superstars in side by side competitive napping
  • Sisters to the end!!
  • Snug as two bugs in a rug.
  • The girls' recent attempt at hide and seek. They both counted to ten and fell asleep.
  • Never send to know for whom the Beast snores; it snores for thee.
  • No fair, you are getting all the sunshine! Want to switch??
  • Two in the bed and the little on said "roll over, roll over" ...zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Who says only cats like sunbeams.
  • See... sometimes we stop moving.
  • With the browning process almost done, Ally and Lily should be out of the oven any minute now.
  • Snugglers Blues.
  • Sunshine on the Boston's~Makes me happy!
  • Boston baked beans!
  • They are always angels when they are sleeping!!!
  • Baked bostons
  • Bed Buddies!
  • MOM!!!! She's touching me again!!!!
  • Two little peas in a pod!
  • So happy together!
  • One of us already has a "tan". :)
  • Psst. Hey Lily...guess what we are? A Boston Dream Pie!
  • Hello, summer!
  • We call this pose 'moms Boston Sushi rolls'.
  • sun shine fun shine
  • After all these years, we still share a bed... g'night!
  • Wynken and Blynken about to nod off!!!
  • Daddys gone a hunting,to get a little bunny skin to wrap his baby bostons in!
  • Ally and Lily have a truce warm truce
  • Snoozing the days away...

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  • cute!
  • So adorable! My Boston babies cuddle just like this too! :)
  • aww...too cute!


Great captions everyone!
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