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Condie screens all visitors.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Don't I get a Dorito for this?
  • Spider-Dog, Spider-Dog does everthing a spider can....
  • Honey, another one of those strange frogs is stuck to the window again!
  • I am Condie, the Destroyer. You will let me in!
  • I utterly despise firecrackers!
  • I recognize a pee pee dance when I see one....
  • You know summer is here when the June Bostons start gathering on your windows.
  • See mom! If you lick your paws, you can stick just like a tree frog!
  • Condie seems to be dealing with embarassing static cling, someone grab the dryer sheets!
  • Now one will walk thur this glass door now with the Boston decal we put up!
  • Damn you Windex!
  • She's a wild and crazy kind of girl.
  • Condie wouldn't hurt a fly. Spiders, on the other hand, are quite tasty.
  • Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can...
  • Spider bt, spider bt, does what ever a spider bt can!
  • If the cat can do it...Condie can do it!
  • the ever elusive 'spider dog' usually found early morning sunning themselves on back yard patio doors...
  • It's the Wacky Boston Wall-Walker!!!
  • Who put the fly paper on the screen door???!!
  • Spiderman on Broadway, here I come!
  • Just a few more feet and the roof is mine!
  • Spider-goggie, spider-goggie, does whatever a spider-goggie does...
  • Whatever gave you the notion that I took your tube of super glue? ......
  • I am gecko dog.
  • Honey, the mosquitos are really getting big this year.
  • Condie pleads for a toenail clip.
  • I Love to dance in the summer !
  • As the sun rose, so did Condie!
  • I can has treat for you doing this?
  • Your and me baby are stuck like glue.
  • spider dog, spider dog, does whatever a spider dog does...
  • proof that Boston terriers are part cat.
  • Let me in, I need my wheaties!!
  • I hate it when they put suction cups on my feet!
  • Rise and shine, it's going to be a beautiful day!!
  • It *huff huff* is hot *huff huff* out, Let *huff huff* me in!
  • Bitten by a radioactive spider, mild mannered Condie now prowls the suburbs in search of supervillians. (Like the black cat)
  • Spider Dog! Spider Dog! Does whatever a Spider Dog does!
  • Happy Dance
  • Spider Dog, Spider Dog; does whatever a Spider Dog can!
  • Condie's parents realized that the suction cup booties were a mistake.
  • Spiderdog, Spiderdog, doin' whatever a spiderdog does...
  • You should see this in 'movie' mode!
  • Spiderdog, spiderdog, does whatever a Boston can...Look out here comes a Spiderdog
  • The itsy bitsy Boston crawled up the waterspout...
  • from now on i shall be calld Spider dog!
  • If the cat can, then so can I.
  • spider dog, spider dog doing what ever a spider dog can...
  • Whee! Summer is here!!!
  • Condie really wants that cake inside the house.
  • These new suncatchers look so realistic!
  • Spiderman returns incognito
  • it a bird, its a plain, it super Boo Boo
  • Bostons can do anything!!!!!
  • If Spiderman can do it, so can I!
  • LET ME IN!!!!!
  • Remember Spiderdog, with great power comes great repsonsibility.
  • Next I'll be scaling the Empire State Building!
  • Spider Pup, Spider Pup! Does whatever a spider does!
  • See?!?! I look way better on your window than Garfield!!
  • Time for a belly scratch fix, please!
  • spiderdawg spiderdawg does whatever a spiderdawg does.....
  • ahhh a door
  • no gecko jokes
  • Oh what?
  • Hello? Remember me? Condie? I'm still out here!
  • "I've heard of hang ten but hang twenty, intense."

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  • haha thats super funny and very cute wish my boston would do that haha love it
  • lol


Great captions everyone!
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