boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Rocky
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The Winning Caption is:

And visions of bacon bits danced in Rocky's head...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Your heart just melted, right? C'mon, you can be honest with me!"
  • I'm supposed to change for bedtime...
  • Rocky contributes a little Boston beefcake for the calendar...
  • Hey, I'm so cute I can do this with my eyes shut...
  • goodnight 2010...
  • Johnnie Holmes - eat your heart out!
  • In a tragic turn of events Rocky gets caught up in the world of puppy porn to pay the rent.
  • That's not an outie!
  • Shhhh! I'm imitatin my daddy.
  • Surely you know I am the centerfold of December Playdog.
  • After downing a bit too much Bailey's Original on the rocks Christmas, Rocky settled in for a long winter's nap.
  • I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt...
  • The ultimate comfort of a matching sweater !
  • the sleep sweater works like a charm!
  • I love my new sweater, don't I look handsome and innocent?
  • I'm so pretty, oh so pretty!
  • Feeling the love.
  • Rocky is a natural at yoga.
  • Bliss...
  • He looks so cozy in his sweater and bed.
  • I had this dream where I forgot to put my pants on...
  • Rocky was nestled all snug in his bed while visions of DingoBones danced through his head...
  • Unfortunately, Rocky's dream of being a sailor made him have to cross his legs to avoid swabbing the deck in his sleep....
  • MAKING BOSTON-BUTT-ROCKET Turn every 2-3 hours. Fill to full. Repeat until ears pop straight up. Warning: Drippings below make poor gravy, toe-jam, paw-art, and/or muzzle mask. Toss quickly. Enjoy!
  • I'm really glad this sweater has air conditioning for my bottom!
  • Rocky doing his best "titanic" impersonation.
  • Hot crossed Boston!
  • Rocky is down for the count.
  • A gentleman always crosses his legs and covers his...uh oh.
  • Does this sweater make me look sleepy?
  • Don't you want to scratch that belly!
  • I...AM...SO...TIerd!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  • Nothing like goin' COMMANDO!
  • Rocky dreams of his years in the Boston Ballet.
  • Here we have Rocky sporting the latest styles from "ROOF LAUREN"
  • Momo, dis sweater is too short - I haz shrinkage!
  • rocky's hopes of being in the ballet can't be hidden while he sleeps....
  • Rocky's Nana knitted him this sweater for Christmas but all he'd wanted was a bully stick!
  • Rocky was nestled all snug in his bed, as visions of chasing cats danced in his head.
  • Rocky after a hard day puppy bowl games.
  • Mmmmm,home sweet home!
  • Rocky is in his Jedi mode!
  • Wow, that New Year's party was fun!
  • Is that a comfy bed or are you just happy to see me?
  • Rocky could do the time warp in is sleep....It's just a jump to the left.....a little step to the right!
  • don`t bother me now!
  • rock a bye baby
  • Rocky was knocked out by the sweater monster.
  • Rocky busy with his two favorite tasks sleeping and airing out his shrinky dink. And they say BT's can't multi task!
  • I know...I'm just dripping with cuteness!
  • Live half nude adorable sleeping puppy!
  • Rocky needs his beauty sleep.
  • Rocky has fallen asleep on the job.
  • It is such a Rocky life!
  • Rocky had all the joys of life...a full belly...sweet dreams...and a cool sweater! :)
  • not....opening....eyes....must sleep longer
  • I...(snore)...have...(snore)! NINJA...(snore)...POWERS!
  • HI...(snore)...YA!
  • Rocky's "Low Impact Aerobics" make him very sleepy.
  • rocky "twinkletoes" starring in his dream version of swan lake....
  • Just relax and enjoy your life.
  • Rocky enjoyed casual Friday's.

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  • Well it doesn't get any cuter then this does it!
  • OMG so freaking adorable!
  • omg!!!!!! just to cute for words!!!
  • i love this pic
  • Rocky is the sweetest, cutest, cuddle Boston EVER!!!


Great captions everyone!
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