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What? no fork?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I hope that kid is born soon!
  • Hey what a minute. Don't I get "real" food if I sit up here?
  • Bib me lady!
  • Seriously?!! The food in my bowl looks nothing like the food in yours!
  • I have no idea where Jr. went....
  • What, aren't you going to hand feed me?
  • Why do I always have to eat at the dog's table?
  • Ok if that is a baby bonnet and a bottle we are going to have a serious conversation about me being your "baby."
  • But Mom, can't I eat in the family room tonight? My favorite episode of Dogs 101 is on.
  • I suppose that this is what I get for begging at the table.
  • I need some wine with my meal please... a white wine I think
  • Dis is soooo embarrasing!
  • You expect me to eat THIS???!!!!!
  • You expect me to eat out of this bowl? Where is the good china???
  • Lady was miffed about being in the high chair because she was a big girl now!
  • Lady saying."Now this is a little to much don't you think"
  • Pardon me do you have any Gray Poupon?
  • "This is so undignified"
  • I'm bowing my head - someone please say grace so I can eat!
  • Lady wonders if someone spit in her bowl.
  • If I have to sit in a people chair, I want people food!
  • Seriously Mom, I know I'm small but I'm not a baby anymore!!!!
  • What?!?!?! Nothing to drink?
  • Hurry up and sit down so we can get started!
  • I'm not hungry! Left overs are so yesterday!
  • All I need is a bibb!
  • I need a bib before I can eat!
  • Oh, kibble again?
  • I'm old enough to be in big dog chair!
  • Ummmm...Mom? Someone put dogfood in my bowl...
  • "Is this it?"
  • Truly she is a spoiled baby.
  • I already told you!!! This is not the kibble of choise...
  • What....I want a menu to!
  • Please????
  • i know i am your baby by come on!
  • Could you pass me a napkin, please.
  • The doctor said this helps with my digestion ..I say whatever gets me closer to the ice cream is good for me ...
  • I can't even look at you I'm so mad.
  • mom,this is not what i meant when i said i wanted my own chair at the adult table!!
  • Lady would like all of her dinners to be served promptly by 7PM at the table.
  • how do you expect me to eat with out a fork
  • Seriously?!?!?! Where are the meatballs that everyone else got?
  • Can I say grace?
  • "Umm, if the waitress could bring over some more bread that would be great"
  • I know times are tough, but I don't do leftovers....and where is the waiter???
  • Chow time!
  • "If I'm sittin' in THIS chair, I'm not eatin' THAT food!"
  • Lady will not eat without her polished silverware.
  • When I get outta here I'm poopin' in your shoes.
  • Where is my sippy cup! Hard to find good help these days...

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